Government Shutdown

MSNBC: As shutdown looms, agencies brace for impact


Honestly, aside from:

– People that work for shut down government agencies

– The IRS not being able to issue refund checks

– Not being able to get a passport

Would anyone really notice? I don’t think we will.

I mean the IRS with the refund checks thing is interest… I mean, if they have to shut down the IRS, does that mean it also shuts down the division that collects/processes taxes? Somehow I think that only the refund department would be impacted and that is being floated around to scare the public so that we apply pressure to Congress.

For what it’s worth, it makes me think that this could be a watershed moment for the US Government. They proclaim “Hey, public, we need money but if we don’t get more, we’re going to shut down! oOooOOOOO!” We go, “Oh, that could be bad.” They shut down and wait to see what happens. The public doesn’t notice and the world keeps spinning… I mean USPS, Armed Forces, and NORAD aren’t shutting down… just “extra services”. Maybe this is an opportunity to tell DC that they have way too much overhead… that the whole of DC is overhead at this point, and they need to be shrunk down to a more managable level. I mean, if the state governments keep spinning while the fed is closed, and the biggest issue is that they close national parks, then where in the hell does all of the rest of the money go?

Can you sue the IRS if your refund is delayed past a certain time? I wonder.

The whole thing makes me thing of a dating couple that want to take a break: they think that things will change, if they spend time apart – that they will realize that they were taking the other for granted or that they can’t live without the other person… great concept but what happens if the break doesn’t make the heart grow fonder?

In the case of the government, I think out of sight, out of mind is more applicable…

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