Two “err” Headlines, One Day

MSN: Obama to speak to the nation about the economy [after the DJIA drops 10% in two days] followed by “Obama: The US is still a AAA nation”.

Why “err”? Because I realized that this is as close to a Presidental lap dance that you’ll ever get: he has nothing to offer you but what you see and you’re still going to pay him for it, after the dance is over. There’s nothing Obama can say about the drop today and even though we might be a AAA nation we don’t have a AAA rating on our bonds no matter how you want to spin it. Presidental Lap Dance… sounds like a band name.

MSN: Jane Fonda says she suffered low self-esteem over dad’s criticism

Why “err”? You’re Jane Fonda. You’re an actress. You’re career was based of physical appearance and given Hollywood’s ageless quest for youth, you would be worried about your image no matter what your father said to you. In fact, don’t I recall a like of workout videos that promoted weight loss? You’re rich beyond the dreams of most American. And basically… now… well, I don’t know why you’re saying anything at this point. That you were treated like a common teenager? That your self esteem was hurt because of a degrading statement and that drove you to problems later in life? Hey, Jane: shut the hell up because this just means you are a normal person with average problems, just like the rest of us. Except for the people that can’t afford all of the help you were able to pay cash for. Suck it up. Hey, MSN: how is this worth the effort it took to post this? I mean honestly: we’ve gone from Elanor Roosevelt saying no one can put you down without your consent to “My Daddy made me bulimic because he said something mean about me” 60 years ago?

I wonder what the evening news is going to look like – I think I’ll just leave Netflix on.

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