Coring an Apple

How’s the 4S and iOS 5 holding up?

Not as well as I had hoped…

Last night I tried to call someone via voice on my iPhone 4S from my Bluetooth headset. Something that I’ve been able to do all the way back to Windows Mobile 5. The iPhone has didn’t originally support this – they got around to adding it with the 3GS… and things were good. As of iOS 5 and the 4S, Siri has taken over the duty of dialing via voice. When she’s online, she works OK. Last night it took over 5 seconds to dial out using voice.

…and since I haven’t used Siri for anything else voice related, I just decided to turn it off which returns voice dialing to Voice Control, which worked well before Siri was pushed onto the stack. No more Siri, until it’s out of beta.

iCloud? Had too turn off Push because of the battery drain but I still can’t find a way to force an update… now it sorta sync’s when it wants to. That aside, I’m using it for Reminders, Bookmarks, Documents/Data, and Find My iPhone – two of which were in iOS 4 – Reminders and Documents/Data are new, but to be honest I have no documents to sync and haven’t set a Reminder yet. I was using Photo Stream but turned that off when I realized that every photo goes up to the thing and I can’t delete it on the service side; had stupid quick Facebook shots appearing on all my PC’s.

The Notification page? I used to have Weather and Stocks on there, which was neats, but turned those off because of battery drain.

Notifications? Turned off most of them, because of battery drain.

Location services? Had to turn off most of the system-related items (including Local Weather) because of battery drain.

Sync over WiFi? That’s been handy for small updates – if it’s a bunch of content, I still go to the wire, but that’s totally acceptable.

Camera? Now that’s a nice piece of hardware… I’m truly digging the new camera on the 4S…

The rest of it? It’s lacking… simply just lacking.

I mean I know most of the iOS 5 features were to catch up to Android and Windows Phone features, but I guess… it’s just so lackluster.

Anyone else having the same let down or is my quality bar too high?

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