-1 Hippies: Nice Job

Gizmodo: Measles Are Back in New York City Thanks to Anti-Vax Absurdity

Nice fuckin’ job you wide-minded “I know better than science” idiots. You’ve helped bring back measles – which shouldn’t be around in today’s day and age – and once it gets a foothold, it will mutate and negate the protection that those of us opted to have by getting vaccinated in the first place. Next time, when you make bad decisions, keep them for yourself. Don’t impact the rest of us. I mean, if someone offered me a parachute while jumping out of a plane, I’d take it… you anti-vaccine lot would probably worry that you’d hurt a bird with your ripchord on the way down so not take it. That’s fine because unless you land on someone or their home, that decision doesn’t impact anyone but you. Not vaccinating your children hurts the community. Again, nice job.

Mind you, these are the same people that jump on the Bill Nye bandwagon of “oh, evolution has to be right! Look how silly creationism is! Who would put blind faith in a larger power?” and yet… they put blind faith that Living Well(TM) is good enough for them – and their children – meaning that they don’t need vaccines.

The irony is steep today, folks.

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