Democracy. Ain’t it a Bitch?

Newsweek: “AOC Calls Out Wall Street CEOs Trying to Unseat Her In Upcoming Primary”

Ya know, if you only read the headline and are an Ocasio-Cortez supporter, you’re likely outraged. …but as has seemingly been the case this weekend, the headline doesn’t tell the whole story.

When you read the rest of it, you learn that:

  • There are in fact Wall Street CEOs that are donating money to unseat her
  • Her competition for the seat is Caruso-Cabrera
  • Caruso-Cabrera was a Republican until 5 years ago and sees herself as a “centralist”
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asks why Americans will fund Space Force, but won’t back health care for all

Let’s look at those bullet points, neh?

I love that AOC is calling out “Wall Street CEOs” that are out to get her. An easy target that plays well in a headline. “Look at me! I’m an underdog being pushed around by big business!” Um, those CEOs? They are citizens too, so they can vote for whoever they want and donate money – within the legal limits – to whoever’s campaign they want. And by the way, AOC? You’re the incumbent. You also have five times more money in your war chest. You are not the same person that ran for the seat in 2019; you are not an underdog. You are going to have to earn your re-election based on your record and your platform’s merits. And by the way – before you pull out the “I blocked Amazon” – you are taking credit for the actions of others. Amazon wasn’t even coming to your district and you basically used your press collateral to override the wants of the representatives of that district, the district that needed the jobs Amazon would have brought. Right now, you’re looking like an entitled congressperson that is pointing at other citizens and complaining that they are not supporting you. I expecting this from Trump – not from a junior representative from NYC.

Caruso-Cabrera I know nothing about but the fact is that politicians change parties from time to time. Reagan did. Clinton did. Trump did, five times since 1987. The parties change, the climate change, and independents don’t stand a chance in our election process. As the GOP continues it’s tyrannical control over social issues and moralized expectations (while their party members continue to fail to meet them) they will continue to alienate more and more people. As an independent raised in the halcyon days of Reagan-era Republican party (pay taxes, make money, attempts at smaller government, pay taxes, no strong social agenda), there’s no way I can back what the GOP stands for today. Libertarians are too ideological for my liking, as this complicated world we live in needs some form of government to keep it running. And the rest of the smaller parties are even more extreme or eclectic. That leaves the Democratic party, where I find the “if you aren’t with us 100%, you’re against us 100%” mentality just as bad as the GOP but since the policy they are backing is more inclusive than exclusive, it’s… more palatable? Anyway, Caruso-Cabrera might be a centralist or a bleeding heart liberal that wants to flambé anyone making $1 more than minimum wage, but she’s not yet known for it: of course she’s going to get the backing of anyone that wants AOC out of Congress because she’s made her positions clear and she sticks to them. But not everyone likes them and that’s should be OK too!

And yeah: AOC is cut from the same cloth that [Kshama] Sarwant [of Seattle’s City Console] is made from. They are all about FREEDOM! provided you do what they want you to do. Americans will fund whatever they damn well want to. It’s our right as Americans. If a citizen want to spend their tax money to put people on Jupiter, it’s their opinion and their right to have that opinion. It doesn’t make them wrong or stupid or ignorant no matter how much you disagree with them. It’s the same argument that you’d make when you want to protect someone that’s burning a US flag. People like space flight and they don’t like paying $1000 for a doctor that walks past their hospital room. People don’t like universal health care. People want health care to be reformed. They want cost oversight or regulation of pricing or a revamping of the health insurance industry to be rational and affordable.

The last time there was a “health care for all” package passed, Americans that already had insurance lost the plans they had for less plans at the same or higher price, had their wages drop (or prices increased) as businesses had to cover higher costs, and taxes went up as well. Why would anyone negatively impacted by this will sign up for that again?

No, for these types of politicians, it’s all about protesting and yelling at press conferences and getting people fired up but there’s no movement behind the bluster. There’s no meat in the stew. There’s no bite in the sourdough. And it’s OK that this is what they do – it’s up to them how they want to do their jobs. I can’t even feel bad that for the people in their districts either, as they record this kind of job record by keeping them in office. That’s just another facet of democracy in action.

Even though I find it a sad to praise an article for being what an article should – balanced and fact filled – props to Newsweek for a their writing, in spite of a poor headline.

5 thoughts on “Democracy. Ain’t it a Bitch?”

      1. Headline? No because that didn’t say much of anything. The article where it makes AOC look like she’s going to lose in a landslide? Yes, I would say that’s off.

  1. The American people don’t want the much, much, much cheaper and more effective health care of every other first world country! They demand a half-assed hackjob instead, because learning from others is weakness.

    And billionaires literally buying elections is called freedom, you commies!

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