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Warning: This Is A Ye Olden Styled Rant

MSN.com: “Seattle’s Caffe Vita is facing widespread blowback after a letter surfaced on social media appearing to show management threatening to fire employees caught giving away food and drinks to the homeless. In a passage that has drawn considerable ire, the letter goes on to criticize the practice of giving free food to the homeless overall. “Although these were well placed intentions, please understand, it is our belief, that feeding homeless people without comprehensive services actually enables, increases and promotes homelessness,” the letter reads in part.

From Twitter, Spek writes, “I am absolutely livid. I have worked in the coffee business for over a decade at some of the best coffee shops in the city and this is a betrayal of everything we stand for.” […] The Capitol Hill store also drew protests on Wednesday night.”

Oh my gods, will you outraged people please shut the fuck up already?!

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Right On, Principal Kelley

MSN: Principal explains decision to disallow varsity jacket for special needs hooper

Oddly I missed the original story that called out the school last week of being “horrible” for prevent a special needs student from wearing a varsity jacket but I’m thrilled that I saw the rebuttal by the principal. The righteous bumper-sticker rabble rousers have risen again to torment the school and the principal yet they screwed the pooch on the facts:

“Suggesting that our school doesn’t support and embrace special needs students is simply not reflective or indicative of the culture we have in our building. Our administrators, our teachers and staff, as well as our entire student body value ALL of our students. This is continually demonstrated in our activities, our celebrations, our honors and the daily way our school conducts itself.

For those of you who don’t know East High, please take an opportunity to learn about us before you judge us based on one story that originated approximately a year ago.”

Props to the media and the CauseHeads for creating a tempest in a teacup and slapping the self righteous paint brush around yet again.

I love it when people put blind principles before facts, even if it abuses a principal and his school.

Broken Silence

MSNBC: “Where’s justice for Caylee?” Gonzalez told the Sentinel. Gonzalez said she lives a few miles from the Anthony home in east Orange County. “Do you mean to tell me that in Florida you can kill your child, toss her on the side of the road and go free?”

I said on Facebook – once the news broke about the acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges – that I was going to take a little vacation from the intertubes because I, for one, cannot stomach misplaced public outrage anymore. Guess I broke that silence right quick. And did I say misplaced outrage? Bet your ass I did. More on that in a minute. But first a plea for help:

For the love of all that’s good and holy, can Florida secede from the Union? Get out. Leave. Go back to Spain or forge an alliance with Quebec or something. Leave Walt Disney World as a safe zone if you have to, take the rest of the peninsula, and go. You don’t even properly buffer hurricanes anymore. You have out lived your usefulness and you grab far too many headlines between botched election counting – 1, 2, 3 anyone? – and botched legal trials. I figure you’ll somehow play into the Amanda Knox trial too, given enough time…

I swear, even the Fountain of Youth wouldn’t make the state worth keeping at this point.
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