Double Dipping?

I find it funny that we have yet another divisive event swirling, this one over “cop shoots a kid and people protest but when a criminal shoots a kid and no one protests.”

Keep your eye on the ball folks: protesting is not a competitive pissing contest – it’s an overflow of emotion and if there’s no protests about the kid that got shot, then the emotion about it is not overflowing.

And what that means is you cannot order a “Protester Starter Kit” on Amazon that sends a bunch of people to the streets. A protest starts with a group of people get pissed off and want their voices to be heard. It’s personal. It takes effort. You gotta get out there and do something about it. So, if you’re really pissed off about this whole thing, why aren’t *you* out on the streets, protesting what pissed you off?

For all of the people putting “#SayHisName” in your posts/Tweets while nurturing your outrage by waiting in line for your coffee at Starbucks, you simply are not pissed off enough. Maybe you care enough to put a bumper sticker on a car or change a profile picture but if you *really* cared, if you were **REALLY** outraged, you’d already be out on the streets, protesting the situation and demanding change. Frankly I think people are outraged that they’ve been out outraged by the outrage generated by the outrageous events over the last few months which is of course an outrageous waste of time. Horrible things reported in the news are atomic and shouldn’t be compared or valued like trading cards.

Me? I grieve for the kid’s parents. I have no words for them or context to know what they are feeling. That also means that’s not about *me*. I certainly won’t tie this to another calamity like “one guy being killed by a cop.” I can’t tied to the dangers of defunding the cops because without a pre-crime division they wouldn’t be there to prevent the shooting and the cops caught the asswaffle that was the shooter. Won’t even ask if the gun was legally registered or not. Doesn’t matter. A kid was killed for no reason and it sucks. There’s only one person to blame for that: I’d rather see people calling for his heart on a plate rather than worrying about protest numbers or coverage.

11 thoughts on “Double Dipping?”

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  2. Well, it’s not rocket science. You, as being of the Italian (?) persuasion, don’t empathize with any of the kids that get shot, either by cops nor criminals. But … you DO have empathy towards them cops. Cops, in general, don’t protect people of color, they terrorize people of color.
    Again, not your tribe, so, you don’t give a fqqq. Not truly. At most, in theory, yes, but deep down? Nah. And if you DO give a crap…. well, you’re the exception. Italians have crossed the tracks, are now on the ‘good’ side of them: the side that the cops will protect.

    And even though people of color don’t empathize with cops, they DO pay taxes (and proportionally, far MORE than you from the middle and upper middle class). So they are STILL being betrayed.

    I find it funny that you don’t see the difference between a cop killing some 13 year old kid, which is certainly an abuse of power, and a criminal killing a kid.
    Society does NOT have a contract with that criminal for protection (and spare me the mobster jokes, I can make Italian jokes back) and does NOT pay taxes to the criminal for protection.
    People get upset because a police shooting is a double betrayal: one, we get shot by a friendly, which we pay taxes for and two, it’s often just an execution. Cops shoot over a 1000 people a year, half them unarmed and incapacitated.
    George Scott (shot in the back), Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice (12 years old) , Philando Castile, Michael Brown (bled out on a side walk for 5 hours), the victims of Bernie Goetz, Eric Garner (illegal chokehold) and these are but a few.

    But don’t worry. This wont ever happen to you. You’re white.

    1. You know what *is* rocket science? Being able to tell people what they think or how they feel without knowing them or ever having met them.

      That said, you should be embarrassed that you aren’t doing more with your omniscience: if you know everything so easily and so perfectly, you should have joined the government to fix all of the problems we have instead of trolling around people’s blogs.

      Waste of your powerful talents.

  3. I really don’t know why you’re getting so worked up. The people getting shot are completely irrelevant to you. You won’t ever get shot like that. Why would you care what they get mad about?
    They probably shouldn’t have been born black (or “of color”) in the first place. So, it’s their own fault.

    I mean, if women get raped they shouldn’t have worn such a short skirt, right? That’s the same thing.

    1. Very clever, using the “short skirt” archetype as a sneaky way of introducing clothing into the argument.

      What clothes someone wears is NOT the same thing as being born. It’s not anybody’s fault for having a certain color skin; and nobody thinks it is unless they’ve been brainwashed. It IS someone’s fault for using a police uniform as an excuse to kill.

  4. Dude, really well put. I wish more people could separate biases, societal pressures, etc. from what actually happened, and not get offended from simple statements of facts.

    You’re totally right about people being outraged due to someone else’s outrage at someone else’s outrage… Like, why is any incident like this sad at all? At its core, it’s someone’s life being lost. So shouldn’t we therefore be putting the most effort in the tasks that will save the greatest amount of lives? Not even bothering with spreading the word or whatever?

    Also, it’s too bad comment sections like these are so toxic — really sorry to see it. I recently downloaded your SharpKeys tool too and it’s been a huge help too!

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