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Double Dipping?

I find it funny that we have yet another divisive event swirling, this one over “cop shoots a kid and people protest but when a criminal shoots a kid and no one protests.”

Keep your eye on the ball folks: protesting is not a competitive pissing contest – it’s an overflow of emotion and if there’s no protests about the kid that got shot, then the emotion about it is not overflowing.

And what that means is you cannot order a “Protester Starter Kit” on Amazon that sends a bunch of people to the streets. A protest starts with a group of people get pissed off and want their voices to be heard. It’s personal. It takes effort. You gotta get out there and do something about it. So, if you’re really pissed off about this whole thing, why aren’t *you* out on the streets, protesting what pissed you off? Continue reading Double Dipping?

Yet Another Argument Being Waged Wrong

RealID. Complex issue, on many levels. Overkill? It might be… I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t been following it as closely as I could have. One thing that I have determined is that this whole push for RealID is being made in spite of our open southern border and that only leads to more complexity… I got at least one thing to say about the whole thing: stop blaming Republicans for the success of this bill.
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