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SharpMT 2.2 – Beta 6 (Release Candidate 3)

So much for freezing the feature list… made a change to how custom tags work (so you will lose the three that you currently have set – sorry!) and that brought about a change to the toolbar/menu bar that I’ve been using (a new version with lots of internal changes) so here’s a new version with some new stuff…

Download: SharpMT 2.2 Beta 6
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SharpMT 2.2 – Beta 5 (Release Candidate 2)

If you’ve installed SharpMT 2.2 Beta 4, please uninstall this version and use Beta 5. Beta 5 includes the new help system and bug fixes that were part of the Beta 4 release and it has removed the pre-compilation enhancements that have proven to be problematic with the code base. Please uninstall Beta 4 and use Beta 5 in its place.

Download: SharpMT 2.2 Beta 5
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SharpMT – 2.2 Beta 3

After a number of sleepless nights (and foggy days) a new beta is ready. Main thing for this release is that SharpMT will only allow one instance of itself to run at a time now. The run-as-differnt-user for multiple blog support “hack” still works, though; only one instance can run per user. What this means is that if SharpMT is already running and your double click on an SMT draft or send data to SharpMT from an RSS Aggregator via the plug-in, it will open in a new tab in the already running window.
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SharpMT – 2.2 Beta 1

The major feature for this release will be integration with major RSS Aggregator applications. If you don’t know what an RSS Aggregator is, then you won’t much care about integration with one. If you do, then you might be interested in seeing what this integration will get you. There’s also a minor bug fix for people that have been using more than one Text Formatting filters and the Preview tab.
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SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT – 2.1 Beta 6 (RC2)

Release candidate #2! A couple more key things for this release in both the desktop and pocket version. I’ve also added a permalink to the Software page for both SharpMT projects. Lastly, unless someone finds something major, I plan to call this “done” on Friday (I have a new hard drive to install into this notebook and that will knock me out of commission for a day or two) and I’m looking forward to getting this release done.
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SharpMT – 2.1 Beta 5

Um, about that feature complete thing in Beta 3 – I might have lied. You see, up to now, this entire development cycle has been spent coding features for other people and, well… frankly, I was feeling left out, so the latest feature in SharpMT is for me! Also, I’ve opted not to re-package Pocket SharpMT for Beta 5 – that code base is stable, as far as I know.
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SharpMT 2.1 – Dictionary Packs

SharpMT 2.1, and higher, ships with a US-English version of a Spell Checker, but it is extendable to include Canadian English and UK English. Download the Dictionary packs and unzip them into your SharpMT working directory and the next time you start SharpMT you will see two new options for these dictionaries in the Spell Check Options dialog. For more information on the installation process, please read the ReadMe.txt that comes in the ZIP file.
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SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT – 2.1 Beta 2

First, thank you! Thank you to all of the people that have donated money over the last week or so (and those of you long time readers that donated early on) because the collection hat is getting full – $65 to the happy land of spell checking for everyone. Beyond that, there’s a new beta available of both the desktop version and the Pocket PC version with some miscellaneous additions/fixes…
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