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Perspective Please!

CNN.com: Sharpton blasts Post cartoon linking stimulus bill to chimp

Right, because politicians of all color are never compared to chimps or rhinos or donkeys or elephants.

Where was Sharpton when Bush was being compared to Hitler? Isn’t being compared to a genocide-supporting, sadistic fuckwad far more insulting than being compared to a “dumb” animal? Or Clinton, whose own cigar-related activities had him compared to an adulterous lounge lizard or a presidential Hugh Hefner in many comics?

…or is Al-baby simply being more transparent in his racist remarks as usual? Because yes, call it whatever you want, this is classic Sharpton: crying out based on skin tone rather than actual insult or issue. Business as usual for Al-baby: it’s all about what press he can get simply by pointing at himself and crying, rather than supporting human or civil rights…

There’s nothing civil about discrimination and that’s the ongoing Sharpton motto: what can I gain from this and how can we favor one group above all others, rather than equality for all.