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Monday Morning Baseball

Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN? Yeah, it was, but it didn’t finish until it was Monday Morning Baseball. Am I surprised? Not after the marathon the Yankees and Red Sox played on Friday, setting the record for the longest 9-inning game ever.

Anyhow, it’s time to start planning my wardrobe for this week – I see a lot of vertical stripes in my immediate future.
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Dur Dur Dur!

FoxSports: Eric Bosart, of Boston, poses behind a burning New York Yankees cap outside Fenway Park in Boston, Sunday, Oct. 2, 2005. Inside the park, the Boston Red Sox were playing the Yankees. The Red Sox clinched the AL Wild Card by virtue of a loss by the Cleveland Indians.

Someone is pretty freakin’ excited about winning the wild card… especially since they were once in first place by 5.5 games… and they only got the wild card berth because another team fell apart… erm. I dunno that I’d be that proud. Ya know, that my team sucked out a playoff position on the last day of the season through no action of their own.

Look at the Padres: their fans are pretty embarrassed that they took their division with a barely .500 average, but, well, I guess there’s no humility in Bean Town.

Boston Sucks Some More

Fox Sports: Calling the [final World Series out] ball, “my retirement fund,” [first baseman, Doug] Mientkiewicz stored it in a safety deposit box. Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino said Thursday he’s going to ask Mientkiewicz to return it to the team. “We want it to be part of Red Sox archives or museums so it can be shared with the fans,” Lucchino told The Boston Globe. “We would hope he would understand the historical nature of it.” Mientkiewicz seems to understand it very well, which is exactly why he held on to it.

Can’t the Red Sox do anything right? I swear, they could somehow fuck up a wet dream.

AL Turncoats!

So now that the Sox are going to the World Series, I’ve been hearing a lot of support from casual baseball fans. It’s been over 15 years since both teams have been to the World Series, but since Boston hasn’t won since 1918, they seem to have won the “we only watch the championship” type fan. I expect this… historically, I haven’t watch much of the NFL’s regular season, so I usually cheer for the “underdog” in the playoffs, so I’m not unfamiliar with the sentiment. What I am unfamiliar with are the Yankees fans that have been showing support for the Sox, now that the World Series is here, because that is unacceptable.
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Go to Google. Type in “Boston Sucks”. Click “I’m Feeling Lucky”. You’ll find your way back to this site. Some how, this article became first in line within the Google’s data storage system, for the phrase Boston Sucks [I’ve got nothing against the city – just the MLB team that plays there]

Fans of the Yankees, be glad that such a time-honored phrase is claimed by one of your own.

Boston Sucks! Boston Sucks! Boston ….! Boston ….!

A few weeks ago, the Seattle Mariners made national news – no, not for their playing of Ichiro – for a new policy they put into effect at SafeCo field for the Yankees-Mariners’ homestand. Fans that were showing up to the ballpark with the traditional “Yankees Suck” t-shirts were being told that they had to either turn them inside out or take them off, should they want to get into the game. Fans were a bit pissed off about this “new” policy, and a whole media circus occurred.
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