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Piece of (Worthless) Work, Part II

Christopher Anthony: “Less than 5 minutes online getting critical updates I got three viruses, I hosed the drive and now I use Linux totally.”

Seems the dipshit lost his computer to a power surge and bought a new IBM PC that came pre-loaded with Windows 2000. What I find to be ironic is that he’s convinced he downloaded three viruses from Windows update. How can he know he has a virus if he hasn’t installed an AV package yet? And by the way… what about AV packages? Are they bad because they require a download from time to time? Nevermind that most commercial Linux versions also have an update process that pings as much as Windows on a first time install…

How can you respect a fuckwit that lost his computer to a power surge anyway? How smart can he be, if he doesn’t use a surge protector?
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