Piece of (Worthless) Work, Part II

Christopher Anthony: “Less than 5 minutes online getting critical updates I got three viruses, I hosed the drive and now I use Linux totally.”

Seems the dipshit lost his computer to a power surge and bought a new IBM PC that came pre-loaded with Windows 2000. What I find to be ironic is that he’s convinced he downloaded three viruses from Windows update. How can he know he has a virus if he hasn’t installed an AV package yet? And by the way… what about AV packages? Are they bad because they require a download from time to time? Nevermind that most commercial Linux versions also have an update process that pings as much as Windows on a first time install…

How can you respect a fuckwit that lost his computer to a power surge anyway? How smart can he be, if he doesn’t use a surge protector?

If this keeps up, he might end up with his own category… I might have under estimated how ignorant this boy was.

4 thoughts on “Piece of (Worthless) Work, Part II”

  1. He’s American based tho – we’re talking $6 at a local Wal-Mart… you can even get a small UPS box for under $100. Unless he did have one and it didn’t protect him, but that’s rare… possible, but not likely.

  2. To be fair, around about the time of Blaster, I saw several machines that had fresh XP installs infected with Blaster seconds after going online.

    There are ways of defending against this of course, but two of the machines had been shipped by a manufacturer in the unpatched state. The end user’s weren’t to know.

    But some of his other stuff, though, especially the cell sharing remark, just makes me crack up.

    I’m sure someone is pulling your leg.

  3. Naw, he’s real. He’s been badgering Rory for weeks now… he’s just opted to go off on his own to “educate” the rest of us… sucks about the new machines being pre-infected, but this guy is trying to say that he got the viruses from downloading updates from Windows Update… big difference.

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