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Parade? Fuggettaboutit!

Event 1: On a recent episode of the Soprano’s, there was a sub plot that saw the Italian Mafia family getting pissed off that Native Americans were protesting the celebration of Christopher Columbus on Columbus Day, based on the fact that Columbus abused the natives of America during the exploration and settlement of North and South America. Italians typically don’t like it when people screw with Columbus Day. Event 2: New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, decided to invite two of the stars (Braco and Chianese) from the Soprano’s, to walk in the Columbus Day parade this year. Event 3: Every Italian-American group in the city has got their wooden spoons out for a flogging because they are very, very Anti-Mafia. These three things together have made for a number of news stories in the Tri-State area, and this is what will cause today’s Mocking.
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