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Piece of (Worthless) Work

Christopher Anthony: I decided to start this blog as a way to keep up with the rise of Linux and the downfall of Microsoft and Windows. Due to recent happennings in the Europe, Microsoft appears to be losing its dominace on the desktop. Also due to their illegal funding of the SCO group the SEC will close them down in America and Linux is the only real alternative to Windows. [and yes, those misspellings are part of his post]

You know this kid, right? The “Blind and Passionate Moron”? He used to bother Rory with anti-Microsoft comments. He’s also the type of zealot that WordSoup has a problem with. Personally I think he’s the type of person that would whine to a teacher that someone disagreed with him during recess… what a buffoon… ordinarily I wouldn’t bother to pick on someone that is this confused (I don’t like to kick a man when he’s down) but this guy needs a beating with a bamboo cane.
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