Piece of (Worthless) Work

Christopher Anthony: I decided to start this blog as a way to keep up with the rise of Linux and the downfall of Microsoft and Windows. Due to recent happennings in the Europe, Microsoft appears to be losing its dominace on the desktop. Also due to their illegal funding of the SCO group the SEC will close them down in America and Linux is the only real alternative to Windows. [and yes, those misspellings are part of his post]

You know this kid, right? The “Blind and Passionate Moron”? He used to bother Rory with anti-Microsoft comments. He’s also the type of zealot that WordSoup has a problem with. Personally I think he’s the type of person that would whine to a teacher that someone disagreed with him during recess… what a buffoon… ordinarily I wouldn’t bother to pick on someone that is this confused (I don’t like to kick a man when he’s down) but this guy needs a beating with a bamboo cane.

Let’s look at his first few posts, remembering that he’s entitled to his opinion. The real problem that I have with him is that he can’t just state his opinion and call it that: he has to try to quantify and justify his opinions and positions with facts that don’t help him. At all. That makes him the misguided dipshit that he is… now he’s just publicly proving that he’s an ass.

On .NET Rocks: “On this show, the hosts: Carl Franklin, Rory Blyth have a segment called Google weirdo’s, well they listed me as a weirdo because I said Rory supports SCO.” Here’s a thought: you’re not a weirdo for supporting SCO. You’re a weirdo for staging a religious revival through computer software. It’s not a religion. You will not be saved by an angelic penguin, you poor diluted idiot! You’re a weirdo for believing such misaligned theories that you’ve concocted. And by the way, not only does the .NET Rocks show offer the newest news on Windows problems but they also have a segment to talk about the newest news on Linux problems, because all software has issues. Go install RedHat and login to their update center: bet you find as many as a first install of Windows XP on Windows Updates.

On Linux: “Linux with kill Windows.” Linux won’t kill Windows, and Windows won’t kill Linux. If you’re such a proponent for open source and competition, why does Windows have to die, you ignorant punk? Wouldn’t it be better if Linux had competition to grow against and other OS’s to compete against? Duh. Get a clue. For you to constantly bash one platform in support of another, and calling for it’s destruction… you aren’t against Microsoft’s alleged monopoly! You’re just upset that there’s such support for a platform other than the one you like. You want this “monopoly” for yourself!

On 8 Reasons not to use Windows: As a response…

1) Maybe if Linux had as many people using it, hackers would target Linux. 95% of the viruses today are Trojan horses – not true viruses – that are passed on and spawned by user intervention. Maybe if Linux had more users, this would be a problem here too, eh?

2) Linux is as hacker proof as Windows and you are a fool to say that anything is hacker proof. The only hacker proof system I know of is a computer that has been turned off and disconnected from all power and network connections. Dumbass.

3) So can Windows. Try going to CodeProject.com and other freeware sites to see what’s available. Again, more ignorant spouting.

4) SCO says they own Linux – that’s why their suing everyone. Again, DUH.

5) Yeah, right. That’s why I never see ads for .NET programmers and Windows server IT tech work. It’s all for Linux and never Windows. Nice judgement there. Better get used to saying “want fries with that” if this is the pinnacle of your business sense.

6) Here’s a better use of your time, seeing as you can’t even write well enough to support your own arguments: masturbate in your bathroom. Maybe if you use all your sperm you can’t procreate, and that would do us all a favor. It’s obvious that you cannot write and you have no clue as to what makes a compelling argument.

7) Free. That’s why RedHat charges for it in CompUSA. That’s why IBM has made millions on it. Good job.

8) You’re repeating yourself and that doesn’t make you any less wrong. See the above statement on 3. Further more, explain to your “big business” people that Open Source is better than buying application and services- explain that they are better off having their company’s source in the public domain.

On Novells going to drop Windows like a bad habit: Um, who’s Novell?

On Well Guys SCO is going down: Maybe SCO is dropping in stock price because they are blowing all of their cash suing anything that moves for abusing Linux? Maybe Wall Street is tiring of SCO making nothing but law suits, when they are supposed to be making software? Maybe SCO’s lack of a business model – aside from “Linux is cool and ours” – is hurting their bottom line?

Anyway… Sorry for spouting here. I know that I shouldn’t even give such a panty-waste a bit of free press, but when someone is this fuckin’ idiotic, I just can’t let it pass by… will I post about him in the future? Hard to say… it depends on how moronic his content is over time, but so far he’s off to a uniquely misguided start. I mean his argument so far is like someone saying they like this red house better than that blue house because Mickey Mouse used to wear gloves.

The fact that he’s running on Blogger is amusing… doesn’t that run on Windows? I’d pee if Pyra and Google were running off a Windows server farm. heh!

4 thoughts on “Piece of (Worthless) Work”

  1. mate you are full of shit i’m sorry but you really don’t know what you’re on about do you.

    Maybe you should read something about computing before you write all this silly shit up here. it just makes you like a fool.

    get laid dude

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