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The Poor Guy

All Headline News: “Jim Cantalupo, who led a business revival as chairman and CEO of the fast-food giant McDonald’s Corp., died early Monday of a heart attack, according to company officials. He was 60.”

Poor guy… no lie in that, honest. Heart attacks make my feet itch, given my own family’s history with them. I should be holding a target over my own chest most days, if it’s really true that genetics provide the highest probability and risk. But it does make me wonder if he simply ate too much of his own product line over the years, especially after we also lost Dave Thomas recently…

Thank You, Drive Thru… Psyche!

So, there I was, sitting in a McDonald’s parking lot. I had just pulled in and was about to go through the Drive Thru, when I noticed that there were already about five cars waiting in line there – screw that! I’d rather take my gelatinous ass in for a walk, however cold it is out, and go wait at the front counter. See, an empty Drive Thru is a good thing – they are forced to finish waiting on you before they can be rid of you. Your the first one in line and no one can come from behind, and take your store supplied knave away from you, until you are done with’m and drive away!
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