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Screw You, Hallmark

I’ve often wondered if there was a government board or council or something that dealt with the creation and maintenance of holidays in the US. Let’s face facts: Flag Day would be completely forgotten if there wasn’t someone reminding us every 14th of June. There’s no religious reason for it. No one exchanges gifts on it. There’s a spark of patriotism that goes with it, but for the last couple of years, every day in the US has had a spark of patriotism, so this holiday can be easily overlooked. Yankee Stadium knew about it this year: everyone got a little flag to carry in the stands and there was a huge flag displayed during the national anthem, held by soldiers from the four branches of the US armed forces. So someone is keeping the holidays straight for us. I think it’s been Hallmark that’s been doing it. However, to Hallmark, I say, “Screw You.”
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