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Jumping on a Bandwagon

The rule of thumb, when jumping on a bandwagon, is to always look forward before your feet leave the ground.

Over the last 24 hours I’ve spent, um, 18 hours or so working on getting some anime content down to my PSP. Since most tutorials assume you’re going to be converting a 1.5 hours movie – and not 3.5 hours of 18 episodes – there were a number of false starts, do-overs, and PSP viewing sessions throughout the process… and it’s working now. Got the DVD Encoder thingy to drop the 18 episodes as 18 separate files and got PSPVideo9 to convert it using 320×240 (it’s 4:3 on the discs) with 15fps (because it looked like ass with 30fps) – also with a two pass approach, which really makes a difference in quality, it seems. So I’ve definitely jumped on that bandwagon.

And then there’s jumping over the current wagon and creating a ride for other people to jump on, which Steve has done today: How To: 20GB External Storage for PSP. Unlike the most recent enclosure news, where files are simply shuttled to the MemoryStick, this offers access to the entire 20GB HD over the air. w00t.

Very cool shit.

PSP 2.5

Looks like another new version of PSP firmware is available – not 2.01, but 2.5 this time. 2.01 was released to close another homebrew exploit hole; 2.5 has that plus a bunch of features… and of course the typical “don’t upgrade because you’ll lose homebrew support!” Yeah, well, I have had a homebrew-capable ROM for months now and never bothered to run anything but UMD games – I can get MAME on my home PC :)

However, as my PSP has been running fine I thought I’d hold off on 2.5; I scanned the list last night and said “whatever”. Then the ‘goat mentioned LocationFree. I read that as “location/region free playback of UMD discs” – Steve points out that it will stream TV feeds to your PSP. This is a feature I’ve been demanding since I fit got my mits on the PSP – now I just need $350 to get the base station that would let this work… boo.

[Apple take note: handful of features make this 2.5 – a whole shitload of features would require it to be 3.0!]

PSP 2.0 Firmware Released!

Attention PSP owners: put in a memory stick with 16MB free and go to Network Update on your PSP… the new firmware is live via the PSP, even though the Sony web site is showing 1.52 still.

Downloading now…

Forgive the blurry picture – the flash would have reflected off the PSP’s shiny face. But I have to say the blog renders on it really well… and the new keyboard input methods are nearly usable.

PSP Version 2

Hi Sony… long time no talk. Sorry I haven’t written you lately, but I’ve been busy running from Blinky for the last week or two… I do feel we need to have a little chat, though.

While I can openly admit that I do not completely understand the Japanese culture nor the lunar calendar, I feel obligated to point out that in every country of the world, a week is exactly seven days. You told us you’d have the 2.0 version of the PSP firmware available during the week of August 15. That week is now over. And as per usual, you’re shafting the “good” people that opted to not jump on the Japanese version of the firmware, following your suggestion that we wait… this is bordering on unacceptable.

Give me bits. Now.

PSP: Follow Up

I’ll have to admit it I guess: I’ve played with Twisted Metal on the PSP over the last three days more than I have with Halo 2. Could be because of the move or because it’s new to me – I don’t know which. Halo 2 is still a kick ass game, of course – better than Twisted Metal, in all honesty – but after so many months of it, I think I might have needed a little break. Besides, it’s nice to know that I can suck ass on a completely new platform… but there’s been some unexpected bonuses with PSP play… w00t!
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