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“‘Universal Control’ is magic!”

[Benzinga] “Universal control allows a user to use a single pointing device to manage multiple Apple devices such as a notebook, a desktop computer, and an iPad.”

Glad to see Apple’s OS family getting something that has been available to Windows for close to a decade using The Garage’s Mouse without Borders and over two decades ago with the cross-platform app called Synergy.

Of course, every time I see this type of reaction – “Steve Jobs said, ‘People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.'” – it makes me throw up ever so slightly. I mean the main reason why this is so “WOW!” to Apple users is because they slap on blinders and presume that there’s nothing they need, that Apple hasn’t already thought of, and if it’s not coming from Apple, it must be crap. Or more simply, they choose not to look around to see what else is going on.

Had the same feeling when Jobs got a standing ovation for bringing Copy/Paste to iOS, something that Android had at launch (or close to it,) yet “APPLE REINVESTED COPY/PASTE FOR PHONE” was all the rage.

When you bring a 20-year old feature – like Copy/Paste – to a three year old platform, it’s called fixing a bug.

Please act accordingly.

Impotent Rage

First, explain to me how one out of two bags can get lost on a non-stop flight.

Next, explain to me how five days can go by without the bag turning up in either airport.

Then, explain to me why the fuck I should be rational about any of this.

About having to wait up to three months before my “claim” can be resolved – especially after explaining to the CSR dude that I had a power adapter in the missing bag along with 18 pairs of [new] socks… if I re-buy them and the bag turns up, what in the hell do I do with 36 pairs of socks and an extra AC adapter for a non-mobile device? Why do I have to pony up extra cash for someone else’s incompetence? It’s no wonder that news stations can run stories each year about all of unclaimed baggage: the fuckin’ airlines do nothing to help you recover the bags that they lost on a nonstop flight..

Explain it to me… I dare you to try.