Impotent Rage

First, explain to me how one out of two bags can get lost on a non-stop flight.

Next, explain to me how five days can go by without the bag turning up in either airport.

Then, explain to me why the fuck I should be rational about any of this.

About having to wait up to three months before my “claim” can be resolved – especially after explaining to the CSR dude that I had a power adapter in the missing bag along with 18 pairs of [new] socks… if I re-buy them and the bag turns up, what in the hell do I do with 36 pairs of socks and an extra AC adapter for a non-mobile device? Why do I have to pony up extra cash for someone else’s incompetence? It’s no wonder that news stations can run stories each year about all of unclaimed baggage: the fuckin’ airlines do nothing to help you recover the bags that they lost on a nonstop flight..

Explain it to me… I dare you to try.

7 thoughts on “Impotent Rage”

  1. Yeah, I thought of that, while still at the airport, actually…

    But that brings up a yet another problem: why is baggage pick up in an airport THE only place in the US, where the honor system is used? Well, there and parking in downtown Kirkland. Even for the sake of accidental bag taking… we’re given barcode-stamped receipts when we check a back – that same barcode is on the luggage… why not have a Symbol hand scanner? If Apple can scan credit cards on a portable point of sale system in their store, this should be a no brainer.

    At this point, I’m more annoyed at American Airlines response: “Oh we’re sorry you’re inconvenienced, but we might not have an answer for you for 3 months.” THAT is what’s unacceptable here; if they told me “Ah, well, it’s lost – send us a claim form, we’ll cut you a check in a couple of weeks” that would be OK… same as if movers lose your stuff. As soon as I submitted a claim they found the missing stuff. True, it was a $25K claim – in this case it’s a $300 claim – but still… three months???

  2. This is nothing randy. When I whent to Junior olympic nationals for my 4×400 meter relay, one of our guys had his bagage lost on the non-stop flight to Baltimore. Imagine trying to buy a specific pair of size 14 spikes in 1 day before the race of you life in a dead city you have never visited. He ended up having to run in borrowed spikes.

    Now that I’m on this story, I have to tell the rest. At nationals, there are multiple heats of the preliminary round(which you must qualify for localy). The first leg of the favorite for our heat, and the favorite for wining nationals, dropped the botton on his last streach. And ran acrost the entire track to retrive it, distrupting half the heat. So, we ran again the next day, him in his newly bought shoes.

    They never found the bagage.

  3. People are going to be forced to start sending there luggage to their destinations via UPS or Fed EX before hand. This bullshit happens more often than the airlines would like to admit. It’s just stupid. Tim has a point tho, luckily you just lost a bunch of socks and an adapter. At least it wasn’t the whole console. But who the hell needs 18 pairs of socks for a trip? O_o

  4. That’s part of my specific problem.

    I mean straight away, I’d never pack something I couldn’t live without on an outbound trip. True, for all my mobile devices I pack the AC Adapters in my luggage but if I need to “re-buy” those, it’s OK: you can never have too many adapters for wireless devices. I’d also never pack a console in my baggage. I considered it – seeing as I went over 10 years without losing a bag – but I carried that onboard. Same thing with Tim’s friend’s spikes, altho with new security restrictions that mighta been a problem.

    For the most part the stuff lost was brand new: the gloves and the socks basically – stuff I can only ever seem to find on the east coast – and that’s what’s irksome: I CAN rebuy those, but why should I, before the bag is “completely lost”? If the bag shows up I have doubles and I’m out the cash. I’ll probably have to fly again in March and now I’m out a bag – that’s another $100 and WTF do I do with an extra suitcase if the first shows up?

    And I can’t get the final status on this until 3 months from now…

    But that’s also why it’s an impotent rage: the airline flubbed and yet doesn’t seem to care. This whole “honor system” of baggage pickup system is flawed and yet it still keeps going. Everyone I know seems to have a lost baggage story – I have mine now – and yet it hasn’t gotten any better for years. Sure there’s a billion bags in motion every day – it’s the way the lost bag is handled that is what’s pissing me off so far. A misplaced bag is an inconvenience, usually temporary. A bag that can’t have it’s existance confirmed for a 1/4 of a year is unacceptable…

    And in spite of it all, there’s nothing I can do about it, except file a claims report. :)

  5. The BALLS on these fuckers.

    I just got the claim report which reads:

    “In the evenet your property is not located […] initial your perference and return this letter with you Questionnaire:

    ___ I prefer cash settlement

    ___ I prefer a Transportation Voucher towards future travel [which will exceed cash by 20%]” but it expires after one year.

    Yeah, because you’ve done so well with my luggage on one trip, I’m going be in SUCH a hurry to pay a full price for another ticket to lose MORE luggage. Hell, I could probably go around the world for free if I continuously lost bags. Maybe if I took a short trip I’d just carry on everything but since the Fed won’t let me carry hairgel… meh.


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