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Back-to-Back Episodes

I was planning on starting my adventure of reading A Clockwork Orange today – thought I’d take a couple days off from Ranting and this book has got some bizarre vocabulary, so it should be fun – and it seems that cannot be the case. You see this morning, I’ve been handed back to back reasons to have an episode and it’s not even 8 AM yet. Never mind the fact that while I was trying to put on a glove, and holding a latte, that I spoodged it all over my leather jacket – oh and yes, gloves; it would seem that 30-degree weather and a soft top, bare-bones Jeep does not easily offer warm hands on its own, so gloves are required in the colder months. And no, the latte was just a side bar of the day and no cause for an episode – it was just a funny glimpse into my starting day.
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