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Professional Therapy, in Progress

Therapy. I think that’s the best part of this web site for me – it provides me a way to get out my personal Rants and pass on Geeky knowledge; in some cases, I even get to declare certain outrageous experiences to the world. Regardless, when I started this whole thing up, I purposely planned never to attack personal Issues (person, place, or thing) too directly, because it can be problematic. In some cases, it’s about biting the hand that feeds you and in other cases, it’s so particular to my own life that no one would care anyway… in this instance, I have a very pointed Issue, but I doubted anyone would be interested. Then I realized that what has happening to me lately, might be happening to other people; this is how Dilbert got started, actually. People began to realize that the madness of the Cubicle Farm was spreading, and viola!, Dilbert was born. Having said the above, I have two Rants of a GeekStuffs nature. I feel I need to share some professional (or lack there of) experiences with my fellow Code Warriors.
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