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Happy Medium

Ken Levine: If THE SOPRANOS were on a major network The finale would be at least two hours. There would be a one hour clip show hosted by Bob Costas preceding it. There would be live coverage of the cast party on the network’s local 11:00 news. It would be the lead story even if Hurricane Katrina hit that day…

True, true, totally valid point… and a much better approach than the “high brow” response that I’ve been hearing of “wow, that was brilliant!”. Brilliantly filmed, yes. Cop out of an ending with a back door kick for a movie deal? Yes. My point is that there’s got to be some happy medium between that version and a version that makes you think your DVR shit the bed.

While I’m not as pissed over the ending as I was Sunday night, I still feel… unsatisfied.

Although now I’m half prepared for Harry Potter’s new book to have the last three chapters missing – if it’s “brilliant” for Chase it should be “brilliant” for Rowling, no?