Sopranos: Season Six, Part Two

After over seven years of waiting, the end of The Sopranos is at hand, starting with the first episode of the second part of Season 6. Hell yeah, I’m excited.

For those of you that have missed the entire series – or for people that need a refresher – take a look at this YouTube video that Steve found. It’s a pretty solid recap.

And yes, my phone will be turned off tomorrow night.

3 thoughts on “Sopranos: Season Six, Part Two”

  1. When is Season 6, Part 2 of The Sopranos coming out on dvd? (This is a regular web search of mine and I yet to find a mention of it.

  2. No idea, but traditionally they have them out for the holidays… I’d say they’re slated for Oct/Nov release, but I haven’t seen the release date posted anywhere though.

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