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I Am… Insulted.

Subject: Hello Friend, lets be friends because friends are like clothe without them one is naked

Oh my friend,

Hoping you are fine and living good. ice having your address, I wanna be your friend, for first friendship cannot be seen or even be touched, it must be felt within the heart.Hoping you feel just the way i do.Wow, friends are like clothes, without them you feel naked!I guess am right.

Am Omonye Ojojie, from Rwanda in Africa presently residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal due to the civil war going on in my country. Am 25 years female. I will tell you more about myself, my family and all that maybe necessary in this relationship when you reply to this mail.If this interest you, get back to me on my email : [removed because who wants to help a spammer].

The language, man, the language! And how wonderful – there’s towns in Connecticut that don’t have ‘net access, yet they’ve got broadband in an African civil war zone. Honestly, does spam ever work?

Someday I’m going to go off the grid and click on every link I see, just to see what happens.

Time For Change?

Ya know this really pissed me off. I’ve had the same email address for just about ten years now. No, really: ten years – it’s easy to do when you own the domain… anyway, as Spam has gotten worse over the years, my ISP/Hosting companies have taken steps to filter out Spam. So have mail clients, first through add-ons, and then as part of the actual product, in the case of Outlook. It’s worked pretty well, in all honesty, and I’ve been able to survive.

The good news from all of this is that I haven’t had to send a “here’s my new email address” email in a decade. Hell, most people didn’t even know what email was, by the time I had my first address, so hurrah for me and my longevity. The bad news from this is that I’m getting Spam from myself, offering cheap Microsoft product and free alternatives to viagra.

That’s just wrong – might be time to change my [personal] email address, after all.

Spam to Email Ratio

Mark this one in your record books, folks: I’ve gotten two emails, from family and friends today (and yesterday for that matter), for every one piece of Spam that I’ve received. Of course, I have a Spam filter through Outlook and my ISP has a Spam filter on their server, so any junk mail that does make it to the Inbox is pretty slick, but still, this is bizarre. I haven’t had more personal email than junk mail for well over five years. You’d think there was some change coming in my life or something…

Just thought I’d share the joy of non-Spam email indused glow!

Spam Insight

Ever since I switched to Outlook 2003 I’ve benefitted from a 90% drop in Spam. At least 90%. Might be more but I’m unwilling to do the math. What I do know is that the Junk Mail filter has done a great job with cutting out the stuffs – and I’m not even as bothered by Spam as most people seem to be. True, I do get over 400 messages across a dozen mailboxes that are Spammish in nature each day, but I’d rather get virtual types of ads than getting a dozen phone calls or real junk mail. The funny thing is the Spam that does get through the filter:
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On the 3.14th Day of Christmas…

I must get soppy this time of the year. I mean with all the holiday well wishing and the Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks – it’s a most lovely time of the year! It’s the constant well wishing that is the most touching to me, especially in the capitalistic environment of the US. It’s getting harder and harder to keep our good cheer when you have to combat the mall hordes and trudge around in occasionally snow covered parking lots. Having seen the decorations for months now, you’re almost tired of mistletoe and candles… and then the constant bombardment of ads and overtures to get your gift giving dollar… never mind that the Sunday paper in December jumps up in weight by about five pounds, due to the increase circulars… no, it’s getting very hard to keep in mind the whole point of the holidays and the good will towards your fellow humans.
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