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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Christmas season? When isn’t it Christmas season is the better question: the stores start putting their decorations up in September (true story! they started in the end of September this year!) and have their projections made long before Halloween. This means that The Season is now Halloween to New Year’s Day – people will bitch and moan about “how things were different when!” and fight it in their own homes, but it’s already a fact. Besides, who can withstand the marketing machines of American retailers? I know can’t. And I know for a fact that everyone of you out there has at least one Ronco “As Seen On TV” product somewhere in your house right now! I’m even willing to give you 100 to 1 odds that it has got something to do with exercise. We’re all victims of the Marketing Machines – besides, Ronco products make a shit load of sense on the TV shopping channels at 3:30am.
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Hope for Retail Service in the Form of a Mermaid

No secret, my dependency on The Bean, but I actually believe that it’s getting worse… much worse over time. How do I figure that? Every morning, on the way to my train station, I stop for coffee. Well, at first, I didn’t even do that. Then I started to go a little out of my way so I could pop into one of the local Dunkin’ Donuts every morning. Now, and for the past five or six months, I’ve been going even more out of my way to pay homage at Starbucks. They keep changing their menu, at least once a quarter, so it’s hard not to stop by often, and the every day thing just sorta happen.
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