SharpKeys 3.5

SharpKeys is a Registry hack that is used to make certain keys on a keyboard act like other keys. For example, if you accidentally hit Caps Lock often, you could use this utility to map Caps Lock to a Shift key or even turn it off completely. This official release includes support for up to 104 mappings, an extensive list of available keys, and a “Type Key” option to help when managing mappings. As it relies on internal support within Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, you must be running one of these OS’s for this Registry hack to work.

With the move to version 3.5, the code now compiled against the 4.0 version of the .NET Framework. The source code on Codeplex has been updated to reflect this change, so the developer community can actively pick up the change and continue enhance and support SharpKeys. My hope is that the list of available keys will grow to include more international options and that other random asked-for features get added as people require them. I will continue to host a copy of 3.0 and 3.5 but I still ask that all support requests go through Codeplex – this will allow other people to help with new features, going forward.

The source code can be found at – enjoy!

Download SharpKeys 3.5: MSI | ZIP | requires .NET Framework 4.0

Download SharpKeys 3.0: MSI | ZIP | requires .NET Framework 2.0

Read: SharpKeys FAQ [updated!]

Screenshots: 1 | 2 | 3

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  1. Please see 3.0 for all notes on why the icon hasn’t changed and please remember that as Windows has offered customizable icons since 3.0 that you can change it to something else at any time.

    And then, please pester the development community at Codeplex to create a new icon for the project.


  2. Hi Randy. I have a broken “f” key on my keyboard and rather than losing my computer for a couple of weeks to servicing, am considering just remapping the keys if possible. Does your program support remapping my “f” key to some other key such as the “tab” key? thanks

  3. Yes you can do this but it would mean you would be without your tab key in all applications going forward.

    You will also likely have to select the F key from the list of keys rather than using Type Key to remap it…

  4. Hi,

    I would really like to remap my AltGr key (Finnish/Swedish keyboard layout), but typing it in SharpKey results in “You pressed: (E0_2038)” and then “You’ve entered a key that SharpKeys doesn’t know about. Please check the SharpKeys website for an updated release”.

    Would adding this key be a big effort? Thanks for the great utility!

  5. @Tuomas – I would ping the group at Codeplex – I’m not doing much in terms of product enhancements at this point since this has been pushed to the Open Source community.

  6. @Ash – it should work fine but my initial thought is that there should be other software to secure a kiosk. Nothing should prevent SharpKeys from remapping keys though.

  7. Hi Randy,

    Neat program! But, how do I map a key with modifiers to something? In other words, for example, I want to map CTRL-UpArrow to PgUp. When I try typing the CTRL-UpArrow, it says “You hit Left Control” then I hit the Up Arrow (while holding Control) and it changes to “You hit Up Arrow.” But how do I get the Up Arrow modified by the Control?



  8. @mgm – nope. From the FAQ: “SharpKeys only remaps whole keys rather than a modified key. For example, you can remap Ctrl or C but you can’t remap Ctrl+C to another key.”

  9. Love the program, it’s always a must install on laptops to move around stuff like Home/End and PgUp/PgDn to less retarded spots.

  10. Hey,

    I was wondering if it’s possible to create sort of like a profile with this. What I mean is when I’m using a certain program, I could use all the remapped keys, but when I’m doing something else I could have the keys back to normal.

    Is it possible to switch back and forth, or would I have to remap the keys everytime?


  11. @sv – not really – the Registry setting is applied to the whole machine and then a reboot is required for changes to take hold… best I could recommend is using RegEdit to export your different settings and apply them as you need them, rebooting as you change them.

  12. AWSOME program! Now I can access the media keys on my laptop without using Fn key, as well as having normal function of F1-F6.

  13. Hey,

    Parts of my keys just doesn’t work and sometimes prints the wrong characters. If I press Numb lk and Fn then don’t happen anything . Will this program help to solve this situation?

  14. Randy,

    One suggestion for us Lenovo Thinkpad lovers. The blue “ThinkVantage” button is not recognized by SharpKeys. If you could incorporate it in your next version, I would be grateful and I think the users on the Lenovo forums would certainly appreciate it as well.

  15. @Janet – it sounds like you have a defective keyboard; I’m not sure the remapping keys will help the situation for you.

    @Thinkpad – the issues with the ThinkVantage and Fn buttons is that they are hardware keys. The hardware never passes the keypress onto Windows there’s no way for Windows to remap it. I know this because I wrote the original bits on a T60p, then migrated to a T61p and then X301. First hand experiences, in this case :)

  16. Oh, and Alt works, but not like you think. See the FAQ on that. Not sure why F10 wouldn’t work – that should be the same as any F key… that might be a bug. As I’m not actively working on the code base, it would be best to report that to the folks at CodePlex.

  17. Hi, I’m no programmer, so I can’t make Sharpkeys recognize a german keyboard. Do you know, if anyone works on this issue




  18. Hi There, I tried to use sharp keys to swap round the keys on my wired apple keyboard that I have bought to use on windows 7. The particular keys that are the wrong way round are @ and ” keys but when I used sharpkeys the number 2 ended up on the ‘ key?? Any chance of explaining how to do this??

    Many Thanks


  19. Randy,

    is it possible to re assign a key several times? i.e could I have four ctrl keys for example?

    thanks, Dave

  20. @Mark – per the FAQ, we remap the WHOLE key. So you can’t put the 2 of 2|@ on one key and the @ on another. The whole key goes.

    @David – Sure, but be warned: if you remap any key that you use to sign in with or something that is used for a password you will not be able to sign in anymore. The key is remapped for everything. So, if you were going to prank someone by changing every key on the keyboard to be a Q, that’s all the PC will *ever* type.

  21. Hi, I am using a mac keyboard on my pc (because this is the best keyboard). there are a coupla keys on the mac keyboard that don’t correspond to my laptop (asus) keyboard. can i use your program to modify just the mac keyboard output ? or will your program modify the asus keyboard as well ? thank you very much,


  22. This program would be way more useful with the option to save various setups. I understand that I’d have to relog after switching, but I have 3 sets that I use for different programs, and manually setting them up every time is a pain.

  23. my son downloaded this app to his computer, then changed some of the keys but not all of the keys. now, he is locked out of his computer as he cant type in his password since some of the keys he needs now dont exist. is there anything he can do? he needs to undo this program- but he cant log in. thanks

  24. The only thing that he can try is booting to Safe Mode, run SharpKeys and remove all the mappings. Uninstalling the app won’t fix a thing: the app exposes a Registry Key that Windows uses to remap the keys…

    Wish I had more advice…

  25. Hey!

    Tried to solve the problem with Logitech UltraX Premium keyboard, usb. Couldn’t get a different code for the media buttons (they all showed up as 00_100), both in Sharpkeys adn KeyTweak (57344).

    I fixed it by just plugged it in with an usb -> ps2 converter. Works like a charm!

  26. Hi Randy,

    I have been struggeling with this problem now for about a year, i have researched this alot on googled but can’t seem to find the right solution.

    I have a USB keyboard that i want to remap the media keys on sharpkeys, but sharpkeys v3.0 isn’t detecting the keys, im gonna try with version 3.5

    oh and the keyboard is using the windows standard driver for this keyboard. i want to remap the media keys to play/pause , next track , previous track….etc

    my question is how can i get the scan codes for these media keys… i want to start there?

    kind regards


  27. Hi Randy,

    On my laptop keyboard turning the wireless net on/off is assigned to F2. I tried to remap that key but a message saying that the key is not recognised appeared. Any assistance on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  28. @Hugo – as is mentioned in the FAQ, media keys aren’t standard across all PC’s… it all depends on how the keyboard deals with them and what it decides to pass onto Windows. If Windows doesn’t get them, there’s no way for them to be remapped with SharpKeys.

    @Emer – It’s like Fn+F2 which is non-remappable by Windows. HTH!

  29. I have at some time changed the keyboard assignment for the Caps Lock to require Caps Lock + Scroll Lock to activate/deactivate permanent Caps Lock.

    I did this via a registry file (.reg) which I acquired somewhere from the internet. It also had an undo .reg file.

    I now have a new keyboard which doesn’t have a Scroll Lock key. I have lost/misplaced the original .reg files so I am unable to activate the Caps Lock. Shift key works OK but is a nuisance when wanting to type all Caps.

    I’ve tried a couple of the “key tweak” programs from Googling but none seem to help.

    Can you help? I am OK with making changes to the registry but don’t know where to find the key assignments section or what to change.

    OS Win7 Ult. K/b Logitech K350 (MK550 combo)

  30. Hi Randy,

    I got a Apple full size keyboard with keypad but I want to switch my option(ALT) with my command(windows’s start menu) key.

    My problem is when I click “type key” and press “command” key it does not have any response and I do not know the name of the key to choose from.


  31. I made a typo:

    My problem is when I click “type key” and press “option(ALT)”*** key it does not have any response and I do not know the name of the key to choose from.

  32. Hi Randy, I’m paralysed from the shoulders down and unable to move my fingers.

    When I’m in my wheelchair I’m able to move my arms enough to type with my knuckles. To control the mouse I use Mouse Keys [Ease Of Access Centre]. With the latter the user is required to choose whether Mouse Keys functions with Num Lock on or off: I set it to off. When I’m in bed I’m unable to use my arms so I use speech recognition [the one built into Windows Vista]. On the whole this works very well, but Num Lock frequently turns on without my command and that prevents speech recognition from working properly. This is a constant nuisance.

    I’m completely non-technical so I don’t want to mess around with the registry without guidance. I would value your advice.

    Given that speech recognition requires Num Lock to be off and Mouse Keys requires it to be either on or off, I need Num Lock to be constantly in the off position, ie. it can’t be neutralised. Is there a way of doing that with SharpKeys?

    Thank you.

  33. @Michael – the ALT key has trouble in the Type Key window: you have to select it in the list without using Type Key.

    @Krys – It should be possible: I turn off Caps Lock all the time and Num Lock should be no different. That said, the best way to test this would be to set it, make sure Num Lock is off, and then reboot. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that Num Lock isn’t turned on as part of the boot process of the machine… once Num Lock is disabled, you will never be able to toggle its state.

  34. Hi Randy,

    Great program. While using my computer today, my keyboard suddenly started acting funny. the letter J would fullscreen the browser and f would refresh the page. Using SmartKeys (and its press a button feature) i realised that when i press f11, it says ive pressed J, for f5 it says ive pressed f and a few other keys (z->f1 etc).

    is there anyway i can make it recognise the correct letters?

  35. Hi Randy,

    I need to do a lot of data entry on the numeric keypad, including many presses of the space bar. As you know there is no ‘space’ key on the numeric keypad part of a keyboard.

    So I had the idea of remapping the right arrow key which falls just under my right thumb to be a ‘space’ key. However, here is the question – I only want this remapping to be in effect if NumLock is enabled. (NumLock enabled means I am using the keypad.) When I turn off NumLock, I would like the right arrow key to function normally as a right arrow key again.

    Is this possible with SharpKeys or with any other remap utility you know of?


  36. I have the ms wireless desktop 2000 running Intellipoint 8.2. I want to remap the “envelope” hotkey that opens Outlook, but niether 3.0/3.5 can do this. Any suggestions?


  37. Hi AltGr haters, inconvenient default mapping of AltGr can be improved. I want to enter AltGr-characters with left and right Windows keys, and have a normal Alt key at the right of the space bar. SharpKeys is currently unable to understand 3-byte E0_2038, but it works with E0_38. Here are the mappings:

    Left Windows (E0_5B) to Right Alt (E0_38)

    Right Alt (E0_38) to Left Alt (00_38)

    Right Windows (E0_5C) to Right Alt (E0_38)

  38. trying to invert the top number keys on my keyboard but with a twist. I would like the to do a 9->2,2->0,0->3,3->9 combination. it seems no matter what combination I put these in, the still come out 9->2,2->9,0->3,3->0. all the other keys were simple 1 to 1 switch. How (can) I get this to work the way I would like it to work?

  39. in microsoft word 2007, i have a document that i have in 2 columns and when i go to tab it and then i press the left arrow key to go to the beginning of that line it automatically goes down the page. it didn’t do that on my old computer. i would like it to stop doing it for all of microsoft word. is there any way u could help me?

  40. also i think it is a way to go through the document without the mouse is there anyway to turn it off? i would really appriciate it


  41. thanks for Sharpkeys. Judging from other’s experiences I believe I’m probably using it kind of mildly, but it works great for my purposes (Apple keyboard on XP).

    Anyway, really thanks again. you’ve done a great job! cheers, -Dave

  42. Can you actually map the space bar to another key? I’ve tried numerous different keys (Left Alt, Right Ctrl, Up arrow) but none seem to work. I’m doing cause my spacebar broke after some… melted… ice cream… could this affect whether I can map the key?

  43. @John – ALT won’t ever show up in the TypeKey window. Other keys should be mappable to Space.

    @Alexandra – depends on the keyboard, but the Mail key should be in the list of available keys.

  44. What version of Sharpkeys is for Windows 7?

    I downloaded 3.5 and it doesn’t work on W7

    The FAQ says 3.5 is not for W7 which version is?



  45. 3.5 works on Windows 7 – I’ve had it installed on 7 since the first beta. For what it’s worth, it works on all three pre-releases of Windows 8 as well :)

    When you say doesn’t work, what exactly goes wrong?

  46. Hi Randy,

    i would like to ask that if i mapped the key to another key, if i deleted that mapped key on the application, is it automatically change to its original key??

  47. sharpkeys allowed me to remap my printscreen and scroll lock to home/end keys, so thanks for that.

    However one missing feature is to export/import the changes.

  48. Randy, thank you so much for this program, it works great!

    One question. Ive been trying to assign a key to the “Sleep” function. However, once the button is assigned to sleep, nothing happens when I press the button. Ive tried it with different keys, and none of them put the computer to sleep. Any idea what is going on or how to fix it?

    Im using the Thermaltake Meka G1.

  49. When you say ” once Num Lock is disabled, you will never be able to toggle its state” Randy, is that permanent? Or only permanent as long as i have the key disabled?

  50. @Tristan – it could be that the hardware is trapping the keystroke and not giving it to Windows… nothing SharpKeys can help with that.

    @Darnell – any key SharpKeys remaps will be remapped until you remove the remapping.

  51. Hey Randy,

    I’m trying to do something that I’m not sure is possible with your tool; I want to map “ctrl + alt + -” to the Windows unicode command for outputting an em-dash, alt+0151. I can’t seem to map multiple keypresses to anything, however. It just seems to be a one-one remap. Am I missing something, or is SharpKeys not going to work with this?

  52. Randy – I remapped my Application key to Pause, so that Ctrl+Application = Ctrl+Break. Works great! Thanks! I use this to break into my code module in Microsoft Access when an error message pops up.

    Today I was using Remote Desktop to run an Access app on another machine, and I noticed that my Ctrl+Application sequence didn’t work. I assumed that when using Remote Desktop, that the key settings would be based on the remote machine’s registry, and that Remote Desktop would send the mapped key sequence, not the physical keys pressed. Is that not the case?

    So it seems I’m stuck here in that, even though I was able to get a Break key on my computer using your program (thanks again!) I’m still stuck when using Remote Desktop to access another computer. Any suggestions?


  53. @Joshua – SharpKeys cannot do this: only whole keys can be mapped.

    @Neil – It would depend on what gets sent to the Remote Desktop… I know that sounds odd but when you hit the Windows key on RDC, it works on the local box unless the RDC window is full screen… same thing is likely happening here…

    @David – Please shoot all feature request to the community at CodePlex: there’s not active dev going on here…

  54. I’m using windows 7 with logitech tablet keyboard for ipad. There are some keys that sharpkey can’t detect:

    (E0_4000) Home key

    (00_100) Search key

  55. What registry key/keys are modified by SharpKeys? If I wished to undo all the custom key mappings could I simply delete the modified registry key or would I do something different? I know I can undo them in SharpKeys, but I am wondering in case something goes terribly wrong. Thanks.

  56. hi Randy, I can’t get Sharpkeys work on windows 7 64 bits… It isn’t work on it?

    thanks for your answer…

  57. I got this program so I could physically swap my 789 and 123 keys on my numpad, so that it’s like a phone’s keypad. Well before I took the keys off, I wanted to make sure this works. Well I ran into a problem. I want to SWAP the 789 and 123 keys. So far all I can seem to do is make the 789 into 123 or vice versa, meaning I’ll have duplicates of those keys. How do you swap keys? Making separate entries but reversed does not work. For instance, the 7 key to the 1 key AND the 1 key to the 7 key, you can’t have both of those entries. How do I do it? Thanks.

  58. I try many Sudoku puzzles, and use the numpad to

    enter data. I want 00, 000, 0000, and 00000 available on the numpad. Using MyFunctionKeys,

    I reprogrammed the function keys, and then used

    sharpkeys 3 (VISTA compatible) to get the numpad

    -, +, *, and / to use the programmed function

    keys. Good deal for me.

    I use old version of MyFunctionKeys – not available anymore, so I hear. Tks..

  59. Please update this so that it detects the lenovo Mute key and the thinkVantage Blue button. as it has been said before some of us want to re task those buttons do to different things.


  60. @Roy – check AutoHotKeys: similar function, I think.

    @Jack – can’t be done: the Lenovo buttons are hardware based and cannot be intercepted.

  61. My laptops’s Return and Right Shift keys were not working. The Right Shift key was not a problem as I could always use the Left Shift key. But you only have one Return key.

    I used the sharp keys (3.5) software to map the Right CNTL key to the Return key.

    Now I can type without any handicap.

    I am extremely grateful to you for offering this software. Thanks once again.

  62. Hi!

    While playing poker for small stakes, we accountants very much like to type in bet amounts using the numeric keypad. However, some non-English poker site uses the comma rather than the period to delimit dollars from cents. To bet $1.10, I have to type “1,1” rather that “1.1”. Of course, it is hard to type “1,1” on a standard keyboard with one hand. On this site, it does not parse the period if I use the numeric keypad.

    Ahem. Long story short. I am very happy to use your program to remap numeric dot to comma. However, I have to change this back once I’m done using my poker program. So, I was hoping you could tell us how, or include in your program an option to export the change to a reg file, so I could either double click one to switch, and another to switch back, or, I’d probably wrap those toggles around my executable in a batch file or something.

    Great utility, just what I was looking for!

  63. I attempted to use this program to give myself a printscreen key on the apple keyboard I have to use on my PC. I tried to bind the printscreen function to F9, but it didn’t work, and I don’t know why.

  64. Randy, I am running 3.5 on win7 and I seem to have an interesting problem.

    Sharpkeys is working backwards.

    I wanted to press Caps Lock and have it Backspace then Space to fix a problem I have in a Word document where there are returns in the middle of sentences.

    In the From column I put Special: Backspace (00_0E) and in the To column I put Special: Caps Lock (00_3A)

    In the From column I put Special: Space (00_39) and in the To column I put Special: Caps Lock (00_3A)

    But when I press Caps Lock I get Caps Lock

    When I press Backspace I get Caps Lock

    When I press Space I get Caps Lock.

    When I set it as follows it works but only one key.

    In the From column I put Special: Caps Lock (00_3A) and in the To column I put Special: Backspace (00_0E)

    I can’t set more than one key as cops Lock disappears from the left list.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  65. There could be two issues… it sounds like you might want one key to fire two keystrokes, but I could misunderstanding that… if you *are* trying to do that, it’s something SharpKeys can’t help you with.

    However, if you are trying to just remap keys, based on the screen shot you’ve sent, you are mapping Backspace to Caps Lock and Space to Caps Lock… the way you’d want to do this is put the key you want to be remapped on the left and the key you want it to act like on the right. So if you want Caps Lock to be treated as Backspace, put Caps Lock on the left and Backspace on the right, save the settings and reboot.

  66. I have 2 Wireless keyboards, A & B. I just like to remap some keys in Keyboard A. However, Keyboard B should be default and should not be impacted by changes in Keyboard A. Can this be done with the program? Thanks

  67. Randy Wrote:

    There could be two issues… it sounds like you might want one key to fire two keystrokes, but I could misunderstanding that… if you *are* trying to do that, it’s something SharpKeys can’t help you with.

    I must have misunderstood the site that redirected me here then because that’s what I thought it could do.

    No biggy. I just remapped the backspace to and I have fed the word doc.

    Still a really cool app. :)

  68. I’m using Synergy with my Macbook Pro setup as Server, and Win 7 D830 setup as the client. I am using an Apple wired keyboard. When I run SharpKeys 3.5, I setup the F13 key as FROM (detected by actually pressing the F13 key on my Apple keyboard) being mapped To PrtScn, and F16 as FROM (detected as Unknown 00_67) To Calculator. I Write to Registry, close, then reboot. When I get back to my Windows desktop, I hit the F16 button, expecting the Calculator to pop up, but nothing happens. I hit F13 and then open MSPaint and hit Ctrl+V and nothing gets pasted.

    Please help! I’m certain this has worked previously. Thanks!

  69. Hi Randy – your application saved me when a key failed on my personal laptop – instead of having to replace the entire keyboard, I was able to remap that key to the Windows key (which I never used) and I was back in business.

    I just got a new company laptop and I find myself ALWAYS hitting “Fn+c” and “Fn+c” when I’m trying to cut and paste (correct keys being “Ctrl+c” & “Ctrl+v”) because this particular manufacturer has placed the Fn key to the left of the left Ctrl where my hands expect the correct key to be. I would like to flip-flop the Fn and Ctrl keys.

    My IT guy says he’s willing to let me use SharpKeys on my corporate laptop if I can answer two questions:

    1) If another Windows user logs in, are the keys re-mapped for them too? (In other words, do the settings go into the USER or MACHINE area of the registry?)

    2) Are there any issues (license or cost implications) with this being used on a single company/corporate machine?

    Looking forward to your reply – thank you in advance!


  70. Hi again Randy – I just read all the above posts and I think I found one of my answers:

    February 24, 2012 at 10:39 PM by Randy – the Registry setting is applied to the whole machine

    So I would wager all users are affected.

    Plus it seems I’d be out of luck mapping a Fn key anyway (I have a T430s Thinkpad) and you posted…

    March 20, 2012 at 11:24 PM by Randy – the issues with the ThinkVantage and Fn buttons is that they are hardware keys. The hardware never passes the keypress onto Windows there’s no way for Windows to remap it.

    But if you can confirm my thoughts and also answer the question above re: company/corporate use, that would be good to know.

    Thanks again,


  71. @Jim – it’s free for anyone to use be it personal or business usage. Just as a reminder, though, that I’m not responsible of you remap a key and can’t sign into your box anymore (i.e. you turn off a key that you need for your password).

    And yes, I’m pretty sure that the setting apply to all users on a box.

  72. Hi Randy, may I ask a question regarding on how can we change the shift+2 to make a symbol @. I have a problem of my OS, after I installed it I got an incorrect key pair it supposed to be 2/@ but I have 2/” instead. And when I use the ‘/” I’m having this ‘/@. I’m tried to read all the comments of all of your commentators here but seems like no one had ever experience this kind of problem except me “I think” My I have question about how can I use this program to put these keys into their correct places? What are the corresponding codes I can read or use in your sharpkey & make it into the proper places where it should belongs, kindly tell me what to do… pls?

  73. @Ariel – if typing Shift+2 gives you a ” I’m betting that you don’t have US English as your keyboard layout for Windows…

    Beyond that, there’s no way that SharpKeys can remap half a key…

  74. Hi Randy,

    I’m trying to remap the pageforward/pageback keys on my Lenovo X200T. Sharpkeys says the scancode is (00_100), which is incompatible with the program.

    Is there any way you can make these keys mappable?

    I used Passmark KeyboardTest to find the scancodes for the keys. They are:

    Pageforward: Windows key code – 167(0xa7) BIOS key code – 0x0

    Pageback: Windows key code – 166(0xa6) BIOS key code 0x0

  75. @James – I’ve remapped my own Web fwd/back keys on my Lenovo – I used “Web: Back” and “Web: Forward” but I also made sure all of the special Lenovo drivers were installed before that…

  76. Hi Randy,

    I had a broken M key that I reassigned to [. Only problem was that I assigned it in reverse and my password has an M in it. Hence I can’t log on, even with a different keyboard. I can get to the registry from the win 7 repair tool. What registry entry do I change to revert to normal mapping?


  77. If you can get to the registry, you can delete the Scancode Map value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout

    However that may or may not behavior between reboots. You may also want to try SafeMode if the above doesn’t work.

  78. Hi,Randy,

    Is there a “mu” (0x03bc in hex) sign in your key list? If no, how can I add it? Thank you.

    BTW, sharpkeys is a great toy, I love it.

  79. The Alt and PrtSc buttons on my Creative Prodikeys keyboard went on strike, and yesterday I was ready to bin the whole thing. But thanks to SharpKeys, the previously untouched Application and Right Ctrl have stepped up and now I can screencap and Save To Web to my heart’s content. Thank you Randy, and thank you SharpKeys!

  80. I just acquired a refurbished Northgate Omnikey and I’d like to change the top row from shifted to regular function. Can you tell me which they would be in the list?

    Thanks for any help!

  81. i try to use the progrma to fix some shot cut keys and it jsut screwd my PS2 keyboasrd now windows 7 wont detect it i have to buy a usb keyboard or format the pc ….

    any one know how to fix this ? issue

  82. Nothing SharpKeys does could cause the keyboard to be unrecognized by Windows… it doesn’t write to that part of the registry. My guess is something else is going on with your PC.

  83. Hi, I have a a4tech keyboard but just like James I can’t remap page forward and back ward keys it shows unkown 00-100. And the passkey codes are the same

    167(0xa7) and 166(0xa6). And I have no special keyboard drivers to change them. It’s just default windows keyboard driver. Can you help please?

  84. Will there be any support in the future for the ever-elusive Mac Eject key? I’m using a fullsize Apple M7803 keyboard in place of my PC laptop keyboard, and the defunct eject key is located next to the volume controls, perfect for being a play/pause key!

  85. Is there a way to map a key to a control sequence? What I’d like to do is something like map CapsLock to Ctrl-A. It doesn’t look like that’s possible right now.

  86. Hello,

    Thank you for this program. I used the windows keyboard layout program but its not compatible to Windows 7 and buggy everywhere so i had to uninstall it. Now your program works, but i cant use Alt Gr and Key or Shift and Key, which are the two main Interests for me to set additional signs and letters that i frequently use but are not on the normal german keyboard layout. Any plans on adding them soon?

  87. My Dell laptop has no pause/break key, and I need one. I was hoping to use your program to map it to an existing key, but pause/break doesn’t seem to be in the list of available keys to map from. I’m thinking that SmartKeys is probably scanning my existing keys to make that list, and since it doesn’t physically exist it gets excluded. Is there any way to make it work?

  88. @Mr. Grogg: sadly, no. The Fn key on most keyboards is a hardware key, which means Windows never even gets the signal that the key was pressed. A good example of this is on notebook keyboards where NumLock is an Fn+some other key… on Lenovo it’s Fn+ScrLk. I can remap NumLock through windows but it has no idea that the Fn key was pressed…

  89. But I’m not looking to map a function key. It’s the pause/break key. I’ve never seen a keyboard where that exists on a function key. (I did discover that using the onscreen keyboard in the accessibility options I was able to get the job done that I had to do. But in the future it would be nice if I could have SmartKeys up and running with the mapping already set so that i don’t have to hunt down the onscreen keyboard again.)

  90. Ah, that’s a different problem. Pause/Break is a bizarre key in that it’s passed into Windows differently on different keyboards. On my Lenovo boxes it comes in as NumLock. On other keyboards it’s a double byte code. Bit of a bugger, that.

  91. Hey, are there any plans on porting this over to Windows 8 RT for the Surface? I think if it’s in .NET it should be pretty painless (but my understanding of programming ended with BASIC). I’d love to be able to remap my bluetooth keyboard paired with my Surface the same way I remapped it for my regular laptop.

  92. That’s a great question for the open source community at Codeplex.

    Aside from that, I know that the onscreen keyboard for Surface ignores the remapping but a regular keyboard should respect it. To that end, the app would have to edit the Registry and modern Windows 8 apps have no access to that… it would have to install to the classic desktop env which I don’t think the app store supports.

    That said, it works fine with Windows 8 PC version.

  93. It doesn’t work when i try to convert for example Fn+F11 (which is the volume down key in my Asus u36 laptop) to F11, any suggestion on this?

  94. Why exactly can’t you swap 2 keys – like Q and Z? Is it because Windows would remap Q to Z, then try to remap Z to Q which doesn’t exist anymore? This is a Windows limitation, right? That means the competitor products wouldn’t be able to swap keys either.

    What about a larger circular combination – like remap RightCtrl to RightWindows, remap RightWindows to RightAlt, and remap RightAlt to RightCtrl – would that work?

  95. Because it’s a circular reference :) Basically if you tell Q that it’s Z, Windows itself thinks it’s Z… for example:

    Q -> Z

    Z -> Q

    Will leave you with two Q’s. At least that’s what happened when I’ve tested it in the past. For Ctrl, Windows, and Alt, you can get around it by using the Left/Right keys…

    FWIW, if other products are actively remapping keys (meaning it’s not using the built in Windows registry setting) they will not have this limitation.

  96. I need to enter times in Excel. The colon key slows me down because it is shifted and located on the alphabetic section. If I could reassign it to the END key, my data entry would be faster. Does Sharpkeys handle the shift?

  97. @Mike you should be able to remap [;] to [:] and [:] to [;] (make semicolon require shift, not colon) OR [END] to [:] without a problem.

  98. @Mike – actually, with SharpKeys, you cannot do this. The remap that SharpKeys exposes moves the whole key, rather than just the shifted part of a key… you’ll want something like AutoHotKeys which is more of a macro program…

  99. gateway laptop f6 disables mouse, f3 disables intenet so annoying. but sharpkeys doesn’t recogiznie the keys eo =_40

    couldn’t even type it but it showed it 1 time

    any suggestions.

  100. @James – since F6 and F3 are supposed to be available to applications, I’m betting Gateway is treating them special in the hardware, which is why Windows doesn’t recognize the keys… not much to be done there but you might want to try AutoHotKeys.

    @MBTY – I would pass that along to the people at Codeplex. SharpKeys has been open source for a couple of years now…

  101. Hello Randy…

    I just want to say that this program ruined my computer… Right now my o key doesn’t work… I copied an o so I could write this comment…

    I didn’t even install this program and it disabled my key o… Is there anyway of reactivating the key?

  102. @Diogo – Um, I confused: how does this application ruin your computer if you didn’t even install it? If it’s not installed, it’s not to blame… sounds more like your keyboard may have an issue.

  103. Hey Randy. Does this program work with Windows 8 or are you working on something that does? My BF likes to play video games on his laptop and he just got a new one that will not allow him to use the f1-f12 keys while in game. When he uses them it forces him to go back to windows desktop to perform the keys windows function.

  104. It should work fine with all versions of Windows 8 except that it doesn’t impact the onscreen keyboard and it doesn’t work on Windows RT.

    Sadly, for Windows RT, I can only make Modern UI applications, which won’t let me edit the Registry keys that Windows exposes for the remapping…

  105. Can I map the FN key? I have a Toshiba A215-S5837 laptop that I had to restore. When I press the FN key, it crashes the laptop instantly. Toshiba once had a flashcards update to resolve this issuie, but it is no longer posted on their website. How do I map the FN key, and which key is it in the mapping list? Thanks

  106. Likely it cannot be remapped: the FN key is very often a hardware key, meaning that it never gets to Windows.

    If you want to try it by manually selecting the key, it should be listed as “Special: Wake (or Fn)”.

  107. Running into a minor problem with unsupported keys. I keep getting told to check your website to see if an update is available.

    I’m using a (technically tablet) bluetooth keyboard for the lazy, on-lap, approach at my desk while typing. I like the keyboard, but instead of an Escape key, it has a key which launches the default web browser. When attempting to add via “Type Key” the result is that I pressed “(00_100)”. I would like to map this to Escape, obviously, but it won’t let me force it even though it’s what I really, really want to do.

    Could you add support for “your on your own, don’t blow up the world” keys?

  108. Just writing to say many thanks, it’s the least I can do. This program just saved me from a lot of annoyances.

    I recently got a Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T tablet/laptop with multinational keyboard layout on it’s dock that, among other things, has an odd extra [\]key between the [left-Shift] key and the [Z] key. I guess it’s more common in Europe than North American, because I found a photo of at UK keyboard with a similar layout here:

    This key has been driving me nuts since it falls under my left pinky where a wide left-Shift normally would be and so every sentence I type starts with a \ instead of capitalized word!

    Sharp keys 3.5 was so simple to use and fixed this small but major annoyance by allowing me to map the [\] key to [left-shift].

    I’m running Windows 8, so I can confirm that it did work with 8 in this particular instance.

  109. The function key does not work on my keyboard. Someone suggested key mapping and when I used Google to find software, I found RandyRants. I’ve installed 2 versions and the problem is, I can’t find an option (code) for the function key. I wish to reassign the shortcut menu key to be the function key. Is this doable?

  110. ..tried but did not work.. i dont know if i im dumb.. just want to remap my space bar to eitherleft arrow key since its closer,on my laptop since the space bar is busted.,(windowsXP/32/SP3), thanks anyways randy..thought i found a solution but its,worth a try.. right now im using OSK just to get a space bar…done all instructions and needed downloadables from going crazy..and youre last activity here is three months from now…zzZZzz

  111. My last comments may have been months ago but that’s mostly because the app has gone off to open source and I don’t have much to contribute.

    Anyway, not sure what doesn’t work or what downloads you’re referring to… either way, good luck!

  112. My kids spilled tea on the laptop keyboard so I found your program to try to recover them. At first I thought it wouldn’t work when I mapped the keys that don’t work to the replacement keys and nothing happened. I had to map the keys backward to get things working.

  113. hey randy,

    to control my dj-software i bought a wireless keyboard, because it’s smaller than midi controllers and i can also type the name of the tracks i want to search. with your app i wanted to remap the multimedia keys on the upper part of the keyboard to load and scroll through the tracks (see image the upper right arrow-keys are recognized, but the rest of the upper panel (11 multimedia keys, excluding 2 non mappable mouse-keys) are recognized always with the same key: 00_100 (not like the fn-key, which isn’t recognized at all). do i have a remote chance to remap those keys somehow, may be with another app (or even hack) or am i missing something?

    since i need it for work and the layout of the keyboard is perfect for my purposes i would also pay someone to write a script or whatever to make it work.

    thank you for your help!

  114. I have a problem when remapping Macbook Air integrated keyboard under Windows (bootcamp). I would like to remap CMD key to right Alt and turn off original right alt.

    When I push CMD at “From key” I get “Special Right Windows (E5_5C)”. It’s ok. Then I type “To key” (by pushing right Alt) I get info “You pressed (E0_2038)”. When I push “OK” I get the message “You’ve entered a key that SK doesn’t know about”.

    Could you help?

  115. For ALT key remappings, you’d be better off selecting the key from the list since the ALT command is usually trapped at a higher level… it should work though.

  116. Why didn’t I come here years ago??

    I use my laptop mainly as a radio, and have been infuriated for years that adjusting volume INSISTS on using 2 hands (Fn+ or Fn- !)

    Now, after a simple 15 minutes here, I can use F1 or F2, with one little finger – nirvana!!

    Thank you thank you thank you sir. :-) :-)

  117. I had a broken right arrow key which I just remapped to a media app key sitting right next to it. It does the job just fine while I get a new keyboard.

    Thank you very much!

  118. Hi, and thanks for a great tool!

    But, I and all my colleagues only want to change the comma on the numeric keypad to a dot. I.E. from Num: (00_53) to Key: (00_34).

    It would have been great if you could just save this change to an exe file, so not everyone needs to install SharpKeys on their computers, but only run the small exe file that modifies the registry.

    I can see that HKEY_USERS and HKEY_CURRENT_USER changes its content, but it’s not just a few lines that change …

    Can I just run a reg file that fixes this small change I wish to make in the registry?

    Thanks in advance!

  119. I have been using this program for a while, Thanks for making it, Hopefully you can keep on updating it when/if neccessary for many years to come. May we never have to physically remove a caps lock key again!

  120. Hi,

    Lately every time my pc gets too hot my Z key gets stuck internally and it looks like it just keeps pressing itself. It can really be a bitch to work with. I was wondering, if I install sharpkeys and disable the Z key, so it wouldn’t use itself on my internal keyboard, would I still be able to use my Z key on an external keyboard?

    thanks in advance

    1. Honestly? I have no idea :) I know that the change is supposed to be system wide but I don’t know if it extends to USB keyboards. One suggestion before you try it: make sure you don’t have a Z in your password before you disable it.

  121. Looked for a way to PM you with a request for Sharp Keys if it’s possible. The good thing about me being unable to find a way to do it privately, is I ran across the Paypay link and sent you $20 since Sharp Keys has been so helpful to my World of Warcraft habit, and the fact that I mouse lefty.

    The keys I needed to remap to play the game efficiently have been PrtScr, Scroll Lock and NumLock (actually, I can’t remember if I was able to overwrite Numlock too, since I ended up removing that keycap on my old Logitech G15.

    That block of keys (plus the F12, Backspace and “\” key are perfect for gaming, particularly with the space in between them which helps fit my hand better than keys clustered in the middle of the keyboard. Of course, the fly in the ointment is the key that would be SO useful, if it could be remapped: PauseBreak.

    Is there any way this key could be included in Sharp Keys? I just bought a new keyboard, with removable key caps so I could attempt to use the more common alphanumeric keys. But my hand cramps, and the lack of convenient demarcation between keys makes this option a clumsy and distant second to repurposing the keys on the right side of the keyboard.

    If PauseBreak is still the dragon that can’t be slain, so be it. Love SharpKeys and thanks for making the keyboard more gaming friendly!


    1. Thanks for the donation!

      In honestly, I’m not doing any active development since I pushed the source out to Codeplex, but I remember from the earlier days that remapping PauseBreak wasn’t viable with this tech. Something about it being a triple byte code and/or that it was sent directly to Windows down a different path of code meant that it was a key that I left off the list. That said, you may be able to use something like AutoHotKeys to remap this one key since it is an active re-mapping tool whereas SharpKeys just exposes the remappings that Windows natively supports.

      Sorry I don’t have better news for you :(

  122. Hi,

    I´ve used SharpKeys all my life on any hungarian PC and laptop so: I´ve remapped Enter to F1 and DEL to F2, without any problems. This way I can work much faster. Now I´m on a german Win7 PC and wanted to do the same thing, but unfortunately after setting it up and logging out, I couldn´t log in any more, because DEL (for the CTRL+ALT+DEL) was simply not functioning. Luckily the IT guy was here and could solve the problem, but I still want to remap these keys. Can you help me with this please? Thank you very much!


    1. Maybe I wasn´t clear enough: the IT guy could solve the problem that I could login to windows, but after that I had to uninstall sharpkeys because the two buttons were absolutely not functioning. Thank you.

      1. Installing or uninstalling doesn’t change anything around remapping: it’s simply a front end to a Registry key that Windows uses to remap keys. Your IT guy did something else to unblock you besides just uninstalling SharpKeys; my guess is that he was able to boot to safe mode and remove the Registry setting.

        Anyway, I don’t have any real guidance for the German keyboard as I don’t have one but I can offer the suggestion that if you remap a key, I recommend doing it on the PC you’re planning to use since the layout of keyboards are different country to country. SharpKeys won’t disable or remap anything that it isn’t told to change but if the keyboard layout changes underneath it, there could be some confusing results which is what you bumped into.

        All that aside, if that’s still a problem, you might want to use an active remapper like AutoHotKeys, since that will run along side your apps/games instead of letting Windows remap it.

  123. Hello,

    I tried to change the ‘scrollLock’ key with your program sharpkeys to the value ‘@’ as another program blocks that key at the normal position.
    It don’t work. I get the information ‘you pressed (E0_1F10) – you entered a key that aharpkeys don’t know’.

    How can I put the ‘@’ to another key?

    Kind regards

    1. Nope: @ is not a key but a combination of Shift+2 [on a US keyboard]. There is no way to remap half the key. You can remap 2 and then Shift+2 will work. That said, Scroll Lock is a “stateful” key so depending on your keyboard it might also be challenged. I know on a regular keyboard, I can remap CapsLock with no trouble – which is also aware of its state – but some keyboard make treat it as a hardware key…

  124. Thank your for the answer. On a german keyboard @ ist the combination AltGr+q. I never use the key Scroll Lock, that is the reason to choose it. So I must look for a program with which I can assign any ASCII code to any key (if such a program exists).

    1. In that case you can [possibly] remap Q to Scroll Lock and then use AltGr+Scroll Lock – no way to have a dedicated @ key using SharpKeys though.

  125. Hi Randy!

    My keyboard has a key that has been driving me crazy! It is a second (unwanted) key with \ and |. The usual one is on the right near the Enter key. The second one is immediately to the right of the keyboard’s left Shift key, which is narrower than usual to make space for the additional \| key. I was CONSTANTLY hitting it by mistake when I wanted the left-shift key. Thank you SOOOO much for allowing me to fix this!

  126. GRACIAS ! , Pude crear una letra “ñ” en mi teclado ingles, el software trabaja verdaderamente bien, queria desechar mi teclado y comprar un teclado español ,pero ya no nesecito votarlo.

  127. Hello,

    I’m wondering if it is in any way possible to add a new key?
    See, my keyboard has the misfortune of not having a numpad (or even numlock). Usually laptops will have an Fn numpad, requiring you to hold Fn and press the keys around J for numpad numbers.
    This doesn’t work for me though, and I was hoping to add this functionality but sharpkeys seems to only change existing keys into other existing keys. I also don’t have a context menu key and do not see it in the “to this key” menu, unless I just don’t recognise it.

  128. I am not gettings this program to work for some strange reason….

    My ESC key of my keyboard is not functioning, pressing it does nothing. Now I want to remap my ESC key to a other key I dont use. I started the program. Added the new mapping my manualy selecting the ESC key in the list and also selected the new key. Pressed ok en let the registery writing do its thing. After reboot the ESC key is not remapped to the new key since when I press this new key it keeps its old function and is thus not working as ESC key….

  129. Sounds like it’s been set up right but it’s possible that ESC could be a special key in terms of Windows. Like it’s getting trapped in the subsystem and not being passed along. Could be that this is a non-remappable key.

  130. Sure. Windows 10 has offered the same support that Windows 8 did: physical keyboard remapping works fine; on screen keyboard remapping does not.

    Been supporting Windows 10 since Build 9841 :)

  131. Hi, do you know how is possible use sharkey to map F1 and F2 to change my Laptop bright ..
    Also , where can I find the register file to export to my other pc..

    thank you so much

    1. Open SharpKeys, select the key remapping you don’t want, delete that item, and write the settings back out to the registry.

  132. I think lots of people only use this for remapping the Caps Lock key, since it’s a key that some people just see as a key to avoid when hitting Shift. I do use it, but rarely, so maybe another utility just for that key would be useful. Please consider one that utilizes the repeat key timing to allow the user to, rather than disable the Caps Lock completely, making it a double tap, or one that you have to hold down for some time to toggle it.

    Another thought: for small utilities like this, I’d like to avoid an install and have just a small portable executable that I can keep on a thumb drive.

    Thanks for listening.

  133. Sharpkeys is one “helluva” software, thank you for writing it!
    It worked for me pretty much 100% (unitil now:)
    I got my hands on Armor X7, 7″ rugged tablet PC. Originally It came with WIN7pro. I updated it to win 10 to stay in touch, and now I have three dead function buttons.
    If you would find the time I would very much appreciate if you add tablet keys to the library:
    P1(E0_73), P2(E0_74), P3(E0_75), Fn+P1(E0_76), Fn+P2(E0_77), Fn+P3(E0_78)


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