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After another three years, I’ve decided that I should a change to SharpMT… I could have made the changes to the version at Codeplex but I decided to do it on my own local code base (and share the bits) because 3.x includes spell checking and the 4.x on Codeplex does not due to licensing issuess. There’s really only one change here: SharpMT now uses the .NET Framework 4.0 instead of aging 2.0. Why? Take a look at the Windows Development Preview for the hint of a clue…

SharpMT 3.5: Install MSI | required .NET Framework 4.0 | FAQ and Product Info

SharpMT 3.3.1: Install MSI | requires .NET Framework 2.0

Change log:

– Support for .NET Framework 4.0

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  1. Been using SharpMT since version 1, me thinks, and it’s always done exactly what I needed it to do. I recently got a new laptop that’s running Windows 7 x64, and while I’ve verified that I have .Net 4.0 (installed it twice), I can’t get SharpMT to install. I never get past the .Net download or not yes/no prompt.

    Any ideas?

  2. Which one did you download and how long ago?

    I installed the most recent MSI on the Windows 8 customer preview which only has .NET 4 – that was my litmous test – but I remember updating the MSI after posting it to correct a version mismatch…

    If you downloaded the MSI recently, it should be OK.

  3. Not with the MSI – it’s part of the “did you REALLY install what you need” check that helps people that don’t have the framework.

    I just checked and the most recent bits are up there… and I know it worked on the boxes I’ve tried it on so I’m pretty stumped. Which version of the Framework(s) do you have installed?

    Also, the ZIP file is still available if you want to by pass the MSI entirely…

  4. According to the .net version check tool (, the following versions are installed:

    Installed .NET Runtime(s)


    Current version: The following runtimes are installed:




    Where is the zip file that includes the spell check? The one over at Codeplex doesn’t, which is why I’m here :-)

    If you’d rather contact me privately (my email address in this comment is accurate), feel free :-)

  5. OK, so checked the .NET Framework check – it’s looking for .NET Framework 4, which is correct.

    The question I have is whether or not you have the .NET Framework installed or the .NET Framework Client Profile? SharpMT needs the whole thing and will fail if you only have the Client Profile.

    I would check your Add/Remove Programs list and see what’s there… if you need the full on Framework it’s from here:

    Aside from that you can stay with the older .NET Framework 2.0 version – there’s been no code changes to the product for the latest… I just recompiled it :)

  6. the .Net Framework 4 client profile is listed in my add/remove programs, so I’ll try the full framework and see if that works.


  7. Bizarre that the Framework check actually was useful :)

    FWIW, I tried to compile SharpMT with the Client Profile first (as I did with SharpKeys) but I link in far more stuff, so it needed the whole Framework… a shame, but it is what it is.

    Thanks for working with me to troubleshoot this either way!

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