“Why are you telling us all of this crap?”

Why? Well why not? In the last 29 years, I’ve witnessed some outlandishly bone-headed things happen right before my very eyes. I’ve seen governments fall, billionaires rise, and a lot of people just existing on horizontal planes of society. Who am I? I’m a programmer, first and foremost. I believe that logic is the basis of making decisions in a world where logic is rarely given a second thought while making decisions. I’m the guy that will stand up in a sales meeting to leave, because I usually think they’re kidding when being pitched a new product. I’m the type of person that will can find humor in anything and laugh at nothing, yet stupidity in most things will cause an Episode. So what can you expect here? If I knew that, I’d have posted a table of contents… I figure I’ll start with some things that catch my fancy and go from there. Oh, and thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on ““Why are you telling us all of this crap?””

  1. I’d like to rant on the subject of “donations” as a euphemism for ingame goods (gold) purchases.

    Is this legal?

    Seems to me to be a method of avoiding taxes and responsibilty to the purchaser. Anyone know for sure?

    “Donations” is a word more often associated with charity or human organs and I can’t see the clear reasoning behind its use in MORPEGS. anyone got input?

    I’ve had reason to complain of ingame glitches that are left unaddressed (usually because they benefit the game host/franchisee). I understand that things may go wrong, but to be told its not my concern as I don’t “pay for” anything…I just make “donations”; means this is a consumer rights issue.

    I can live with glitches and problems…

    ..lies and liars I can live without.

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