“No Honky fo’ President – Vote fo’ Me!”

I heard this today on the news and I’m mostly hoping it was a hyped up “news byte” or a comment taken out of context. I have to say that I wish I could have hung around to see it for sure, but I had to leave the room, so I missed the rest of the broadcast… according to the lead-in this morning, Al Sharpton wants to be our next President. This is something I can neither believe nor stomach. The man has got to be the most visible and obnoxious racist I know of. Yes, I said the word: racist, because he is one. I’ve never seen a public figure take more scandalous situations under his own wing, solely to exploit them for press exposure and somehow use race to blow it totally out of proportion.

How is he a racist? When was the last time he defended someone in the public eye that wasn’t a black American? Black? Yes, I’ll say that word too, and given the Rant last week about where we’re from, I won’t say African-American either – I wouldn’t even make the distinction of color, but you have to or else someone will call you insensitive to people’s needs. Can someone explain to me the rules on this? If I ignore a person’s culture (and treat everyone equally) it makes me insensitive to their identity, but if I recognize their culture as something different, it makes me biased. I don’t understand the rules – I thought being biased was making a decision, either good or bad, based on culture/color and not just pointing out that there is a difference between two races.

This is how I know Sharpton is a complete racist, actually. It’s not because he’s black; it’s because he demands special treatment for being black and for everyone else that is black – if he was another culture, the same thing would happen because who he is. That’s not being an activist; that’s being racist. Jesse Jackson has been all over the world helping people of all races – he’s an activist. He helps everyone he can. Given his level of respect achieved internationally, I think the guy has a better shot at the Presidency now, than he did so many years ago. See, when he last ran, his platform was “Vote for a Black Candidate” – now his platform can be built on his political success in foreign policy. I have to be honest – given the debacle of Clinton’s presidency, I would be more prone to vote for Jackson. Clinton was completely ineffective or destructive to everything that he touched. Social Security, education, healthcare: all failed miserably. Could it be because when Congress asked the man “how do we pay for it, Bill?” he responded with the political equivalent of a sidewalk Bake Sale. He doesn’t even get credit for leaving the nation alone economically, because he actually left it in worse shape, than when he started eight years before – he just rode the wave of recovery that President Bush started in the early 90’s and even managed to fuck that up. And to all the Clinton supporters out there, I ask you: What did he do while in office? Nailing interns is a not an acceptable answer – neither is the “he was great in foreign policy” retort that always comes up, because even there Jackson did more than him to help smooth things out there for us. Never mistake Clinton’s neglect of foreign matters for effectiveness just because the world was quiet for a time.

And the sad fact is that I would rather vote for someone as ineffective as Clinton (maybe even Mrs Clinton – that would need some thought though) than a clueless guy like Sharpton. Sharpton has proven time and time again that he only helps himself. If he seems to be helping someone else, it’s only because he’s helping himself in the process. Time and time again, he runs to any type of “media” event, but only if someone black has been wronged. He’s never anywhere to be found if anyone else was harmed – I don’t even mean white, I mean anyone else. An activist would help anyone wronged, regardless of who the victim or the criminal was – he does quite the opposite. What’s worse is what does the man know about politics? What’s his affiliation? What’s his policies? His platform? If he’s at all serious, I’m praying it’s not “because it’s time for a black President” because that’s ridiculous and what’s worse is that if the Media is behind him, he’ll actually have a “showing” in the polls! Oh and if he doesn’t win, be ready for a lawsuit – I can see it coming already. “I was discriminated against by the media for not being given enough, I mean equal airtime compared to the other candidates. It’s The Man’s fault that I didn’t win. I was discriminated against because the Constitution only expects there to be only two political parties and since neither of them took me, my own party was discriminated against. I didn’t get higher placement on the ballots because my black name starts with S but the white man’s candidate started with B.” He’ll sue the government, in a heart beat. The man’s proven he’s got no shame. Remember the Tawana Brawly thing? What was that? “Oops”? And Sharpton will tell you he’s a modern day Dr. King, Jr. – he’s no such thing. Sharpton’s dream isn’t equal rights; Sharpton dreams of one person and that’s himself. He doesn’t care about equal rights; he wants the scales tipped so much in his favor, because then he can get more for himself. He wants more inequality, but only if it works out for his advantage, otherwise it’s “wrong” – this is what makes him a textbook-defined racist. The man is just a menace, when it comes to being in the public’s eye – we should have learned a long time ago to keep that eye turned from scam artists like this, but some how he still gets media play.

Oh, and should he actually start to win nominations and gets himself elected, you’ll be able to find this site at a .ca extension, because I’ll have since moved up to Canada, eh?

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