Like What You’ve Been Reading Here?

If you’ve like what you’ve read here – and you like to read books as well as blogs – I recommend that you check out my book. Wait, what book? It’s been out for a little while and I’ve been plugging it here and there over the months but I’ve held off truly promoting if for some personal reasons. Those reasons are now taken care of, so I’m content to plug away.

buy my book<shameless plug>

Check out Memoirs of an Italian Geek, by R. L. Santi at iUniverse, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon – you can find out more about the history of the book at

</shameless plug>

And thanks for reading the site!

6 thoughts on “Like What You’ve Been Reading Here?”

  1. Omigod! How cool is that?! Congratulations and now I know what book to read next! Thanks for your notes and good luck with the book’s promotions! Stay warm!

  2. I read “Memoirs” a couple months ago and really enjoyed it. Being a geek who spent his formative “nerdling years” in the same communities you frequented, I saw many amusing parallels to my own life growing up. (I especially enjoyed some of the pseudonyms… “Fairchild Prep”… yeah, right…)It was a lot of fun to read it and recall the past. I look forward to the sequel.

    Great job, Randy!

  3. Thanks Kevin! The question I would have for you is what you might think is fiction and what isn’t (in honest a good part of it is fiction… it was *inspired* by the past rather than based on it which why you went to Fairchild Prep and not the *real* place.) Thanks again for the review!

  4. Sadly, no – the publisher wanted $99 to assemble an eBook version, which I balked at. First because it would have taken then 4 clicks to do it (which means $99 is a ripoff), second because it’s easily copied (although great to carry) and lastly because it’s going to be another 14 years until I break even for what I had already paid them :)

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