The Apprentice: Season 2

There’s something sorta surreal about watching your own goatee bounce while you talk on your own TV, babbling through a video resume, while you dub a Mini-DV tape to a VHS tape because that’s what the interview process requires. Am I sending it in? Well, why not? If only because it’s tangible proof that I’ve been interviewing at companies while looking for a job. Besides, I haven’t been on TV for a couple of years now and I figure I’m due: I’d rather pick where or when I appear, rather than seeing myself flip off Martha Stewart on Court TV or something.

Besides, what else do I have to lose? Self-esteem? Takes more than getting rejected from a reality TV show to dent my psyche… I forgot two lines of a verse of a song while performing live once and I still sing from time to time – ya gotta have a thick skin to make it thru life these days, along with a sense of humor. Then again, maybe I won’t bother to send it in… at least it helped to fill the day.

At least I’m not singing “She Bangs” for them; even I have limits.

5 thoughts on “The Apprentice: Season 2”

  1. Send it in. You never know, you might get on. I would love to be able to watch some one I know on a reality show.

  2. My sister wants me to, so she can see me “get fired” by Trump. Ah, to be overwhelmed by support. :D

  3. I’m pretty sure that they never ever give out the last names of the candidates… I did somes research when I heard that one of the current candidates worked at MS: I checked the Apprentice website and the Yahoo! sections and they didn’t show any last names… so unless it came up in the broadcast itself, I doubt it’ll posted anywhere.

    Having said that, you might want to give MSN Search a look – can’t hurt!

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