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The Apprentice: Episode 3.1

Cosmic irony: watching 18 people get shipped to New York City to work for Donald Trump in a… Burger King. Having applied for season two of the show – and not getting accepted [thankfully! after seeing the last episodes of season one I wanted no part of the job!] – I feel pretty warmed, since I could have nailed this first task. After all, I got a job at Burger King with only one interview and I didn’t even have my high school degree at the time. I wonder they have to code some C# for the next episode? Coulda been a dream season!

And good luck to Verna who works for a Seattle-based technology company – I particularly like the fact that she didn’t dive into the rah-rah stuff on this episode, but that’s just me…

The Apprentice Executive?

So Season 1 is done. Bill won, and hands down in my book. That Kwame didn’t shred the slackers on his team… well, slacking is so so but lying is far worse, and I agree with Donald on that: it’s one thing to be relaxed but I think Kwame was a step beyond that into negligent. Completely different management styles from two competent people: I just like Bill’s better.

My takeaway from it all? Thank God I didn’t get picked for Season 2… I would have would up with the new 18th hole in the water. Guaranteed.

Yay! The Bitch is Gone!

After watching “The Apprentice” for nine weeks, that useless and whiny bitch (Omarosa) has finally gotten fired! And she couldn’t even go quietly! She had to go ahead and have a whole crying scene while waiting to go back inside the Boardroom and she ended up barging into the conference room before she was called for: big no no. Trump flipped at that, and quite rightfully yelled at her for it! Oh and if you watch “Today” tomorrow morning, I can promise you that “race” will come into the picture, even though she’s American like the rest of the candidates and, if she wants to play the African-American card, Kwame nominated her to be in the Boardroom.

Anyone know anything about that artist “Leah” that they had on the show tonight? The cute little Italian with the good artwork that WOPs like us can relate to? She was all types of goodness – pity she didn’t get more screen time…

The Apprentice: Season 2

There’s something sorta surreal about watching your own goatee bounce while you talk on your own TV, babbling through a video resume, while you dub a Mini-DV tape to a VHS tape because that’s what the interview process requires. Am I sending it in? Well, why not? If only because it’s tangible proof that I’ve been interviewing at companies while looking for a job. Besides, I haven’t been on TV for a couple of years now and I figure I’m due: I’d rather pick where or when I appear, rather than seeing myself flip off Martha Stewart on Court TV or something.
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