SharpMT 2.5 – Beta 2

And now the Plug-Ins suck less.

Fixed the following bugs:

– Tool tips now appear for the Custom Tags and Plug-In toolbar buttons

– The position of the splitter is now saved and restored when editing server-based posts; like browser windows, the last saved position is reflected on new drafts/edits that are opened

– The Minimize links now show when editing server-based posts

– When restoring to a maximized window, after #MT was minimized to the SysTray, will now behave as it should

Now the Plug-In stuff… the interface is now version 0.9.2:

– Execute() has become ExecuteList() and ExecuteString()

– HasInputGUI – want your own UI? Make this return true. When the Plug-In is launched, a new thread is created (so SharpMT can’t hang itself) and ExecuteString() is called. Make your Ui calls here and return one string to SharpMT; SharpMT will then insert it into the Draft. Most of the other properties are also ignored when under this setup; check the Plug-In readme for more.

If you want #MT to handle the Input (a la beta 1) make HasInputGUI return false and keep reading:

– ReturnsList – if true, ExecuteList() is called (when Go is pressed) and an object[] of strings is returned into the list box of the input dialog; if false, ExecuteString() is called

and a string is returned into a text box on the input dialog.

– Everything else with the Params is still the same as the first release… it’s all about what you want this stuff to do.

ExamplePlugIn.cs has been updated to reflect the new interface.

Comments are welcomed, especially since Beta 1 has opened up the Interface to a new level (and what people will probably want!) Sadly, the Amazon Plug-In will continue to wait, as this stuff forms up a bit better… but it should be ready quickly, I think.

Download SharpMT 2.5 Beta 2: EXE | MSI

Read: SharpMT FAQ

3 thoughts on “SharpMT 2.5 – Beta 2”

  1. Looks good Randy. If I have time this weekend, I’ll fire up VS2003 and see what I can do with a plugin. I have to think some about what I want to do, but then again, that isn’t how I program! ;)

  2. Excellent.

    It’s late now, but I’ll play around with this new beta and plug-in functionality tomorrow.

    Very awesome of you to be so receptive to feedback :) Keep up the great work.

  3. Cheers to ya both!

    Plug-In’s are like that: if you open the door to new functionality, you need to give dev’s what they need to function and god knows one person can’t figure out every possible need… besides, you’re catching me in a coding blitz, so it’s a good time to get fast responses :)

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