SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT 2.6

This unexpected, unplanned, and un-beta-tested release comes to you with a bunch of TypePad related tweaks and a new TypePad feature.

Download SharpMT 2.6: EXE | MSI

Download Pocket SharpMT 2.6: ZIP | ARM

I was originally planning on adding support for the “Future” Post Status option that’s in MT3 and TypePad – thanks to ***Dave for checking into this for me! – but it seems that ya have to set the status after you post the entry, so a bit of a re-write would be required. Right now status is sent as a boolean along with the post, and, well, it’s more of a change than I wanted to introduce with this… I’ve added it to the list for the next release, though.

For TypePad, the following things are now fixed: the crash on start up that was related to Blog Links, Edit in Browser, and a tweak to the Options dialog. Most of this related to the desktop version, but I’m rev’ing Pocket SharpMT to keep it up to speed. FYI: the crash on start up wasn’t the “smart caching” like I thought it was, so I left that in there. One of the things I had to do for MT was kludge some formatting for ISO-date formatting. XML-RPC expected a certain format and MT never returns the proper ISO format, so I had to clean that up on Blog Link request… TypePad corrects the error, so my “nifty workaround” wasn’t needed any more.

Also, if you have a Host Name you will be in TypePad mode; any other host will be MT mode. I plan to have a better handling scheme for this in SharpMT 3.

Lastly, it seems that TypePad caps the number of links you can request to 250. Since I was starting with a new list (yet have over 500 posts) I had to export the links in a different way: I used a TypePad template to spit out an XML document with the existing links in the form the blogLinks.xml requires. If you find yourself in a similar situation, I’ve added a text fill called “TypePad Links.txt” to the SharpMT directory: if you add this template to your blog, you can get the XML you need to have a full Blog Links list again.

And yes, these fixes were added to the SharpMT 3 code base, so it shouldn’t be a problem in the future…

Download SharpMT 2.6: EXE | MSI

Read: SharpMT FAQ

Screenshots: 1 | 2 | 3

Download Pocket SharpMT 2.6: ZIP | ARM

Read: Pocket SharpMT FAQ

Screenshots: 1 | 2 | 3

63 thoughts on “SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT 2.6”

  1. Just one minor gripe, and this isn’t a new thing. Can you make it so that when you install it on top of an old version, it knows where to install it? I have it installed in a non-default directory, and it wants to keep installing it in the default. Maybe a simple registry entry that says where it’s installed so I don’t have to manually select the directory.

    Otheriwse, keep up the good work!

  2. @Jake – Pocket or desktop? The desktop should let you select a location at install… the install doesn’t know where an older version was installed though – that’s would require a rework in the install and that’s something I’m not touching (installers and I have a pact: once they work and I don’t break them – this installer script is like 7 years old now!) If it’s Pocket, that’s as is – PPC is sorta like that anyway.

    @James – yeah, MT sorta screwed me on it. Should be do-able in the future though.

  3. Um, not sure what’s up with the clipboard. There’s nothing “special” going on with it all – in fact I’m not allowed to put shortcut keeps on PPC menus, so I know nothing is intercepting it… it’s all standard Windows Forms. Should just be able to Ctrl+X/C/V and it should work.

    As to the URL, I don’t know what you mean by having different URL’s… I mean, yeah, I use to let people access by TypePad blog – that much I know about. But I was under the impression – mostly from their documentation – that you ALWAYS had to point to when posting to the XML-RPC API… that’s got nothing to do with the URL of the Blog itself – it seems to be a constant. And if pointing to another domain DOES work, don’t do that: it won’t know that you’re using a TypePad blog!

  4. My bad on the URL. I wasn’t thinking of the API URL for posting, but the URL for the weblog.

    I Ctrl+X/C/V does not work for me in Pocket SharpMT no matter what Pocket PC I run it on. It does work with other apps on my Pocket PC. I now it’s strange.

  5. SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT udpated

    Randy’s updated SharpMT and Pocket SharpMT, two great posting clients, with extended support for TypePad and Movable Type 3.0. They’re still beta releases, but you’ll want to check in if you use SharpMT to post….

  6. SharpMT 2.6 Released

    I was happy to see that Randy released an updated version of SharpMT this week. There really isn’t much there in this release to get me excited, but the news that he plans to support future posting with SharpMT 3.0…

  7. There aren’t any. I was supposed to work with Nick, to get the format that he’d be passing over, but we never connected. It supports RSS Readers that support IBlogExtension though – there’s a SharpMTPlugIn.dll file that I include for that.

  8. Hi there Pocket SharpMT is one of the best blog editor i’ve seen on pocketpc nor the only one ??

    i would like really to have on the next version the ability to go and fetch for files that are on my SD card

    Best Regards


  9. You mean like SMT files? They should be picked up automatically if you put them in a My Documents directory on the SD card – that’s a Pocket PC thing. Glad it’s workin out for you tho :)

  10. Well, I know there has to be one site per line. I also know that the target server has to rebuild itself before they will show up on the target server. I’ve sent a couple to other people but I didn’t follow up on them… I’ll take a peek. Historically trackback support has been pretty sucky in MT, so it’s an iffy feature at best as it is.

  11. This is a fantastic program!!! Have just returned to MT for my personal blog and this is just what I was looking for. I will definitely be recommending it to my friends but if I may I have a couple of suggestions:

    1) For some reason your MSI download doesn’t have the MIME handler set correctly. Firefox tries to open it as a page!

    2) How much work would be involved in switching the default tags from the soon to be deprecated and to the xHTML compliant and ?

    Just little things but maybe worth sorting!

    Anyway, thanks again.


  12. Looks like a nice program. I’m trying the desktop version but can’t connect to my MT server. All of the config looks good and I’m using mt-xmlrpc.cgi with other remote apps, I’m curious if it might be because my domain is .us. Thoughts? I’ll try the PPC version later this week.

    One other thing. Is there anyway to handle multiple sites rather than just multiple blogs? Those of us with different blogs for work/play could benefit from such a feature.

    Thanks, Marc g

  13. @Rob – I’ll have to pass on to TypePad that they have a rogue MIME type for MSI… I don’t run that part of the blog [anymore] and frankly, I’m completely unimpressed with Mozilla’s browsers so I didn’t even know about it… you can still d/l the EXE, though, right? Also, the default tags can be edited with via the Custom Tags dialog (under Options) – given that xHTML has been the “next big thing” since 2000, I haven’t paid much attention to that :)

    @Marc – The domain shouldn’t matter… #MT is pretty oblivious to what’s in the box, unless the URL is TypePad’s which is a special case. Email if you can with some of your config info and I’ll take a look. As to multiple Blogs, it’s the same rule of thumb be it blogs on the same server or blogs on different servers: #MT isn’t really geared for it… there’s been a few posts (or comments) about that, and why I sorta can’t add multiple support blog for it – long story short is that it’s been designed for one blog at a time.

  14. Couldn’t SharpMT autodetect the XMLRPC when doing the setup. In Zempt you just enter the blog site I think

    Autoloading of blog links when starting up could also be VERY nice.

  15. One thing I really really nice is that the cursor comes back when going from the preview to the edit. I also have to click in the edit once again to type on if I just switch to preview.

  16. Nope, because the mt-xmlrpc.cgi file can be in a number of different place or renamed. Also, TypePad uses a different module than MT and since #MT does have limited support for other engines (i.e. .Text) it made more sense to me to leave it a simple edit box. Besides, it’s a one time configuration.

    Not sure what you mean by autoloading of blog links… they are automatically there whenever you start up #MT – if you mean that it should ping the server after a change, I left that off since it could be a timely grab and not everyone uses the Blog Links. It WILL ping the server whenever a post is posted.

  17. Autoloading of blog links: When SharpMT starts it would automatically load the blog links instead of me having to press the update blog links button.

    Setting a default category would also be nice. So a blog entry would have a default category. I post most of my postings in one category.

  18. OK, the desktop client works for me now. I had proxy unchecked but my IE settings had a proxy set. I guess somehow the IE settings overroad. I have not been able to get the PPC version to work yet though. I’ll have to setup a pass through connection to the PC to debug that first since I’m guessing there are a lot of variables in a bluetooth connection to my phone which is my normal connection mode.

  19. Okay, one minor question. The blog links, by default, are sorted by date. I inadvertently clicked on the title heading, and they sorted by title — and I can’t seem to get the damned thing to go back to the default (and much more useful) behavior!

  20. heh. There’s a hidden column in the Blog Links panel. Dock the thing so it’s always open and you should be able to stretch out the right column border, which will expose the ID. Sorting on the ID is just about the same as date – they don’t send me the date as part of the links, so I did this as a makeshift hack… which should be pretty obvious by the workaround (sorry that it sucks – I kept forgetting about it!)

  21. Aha! Thanks, that worked perfectly. (Hell, I’d keep it visible; the post ID isn’t so arcane a datum that folks would get confused, and it would let people who want to sort on one or the other do so.)

  22. Like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc? Sadly no. SharpMT could handle it, if it saved it’s drafts in UTF-8, but XML-RPC (which MT uses for communication) seems to choke on anything that isn’t ASCII…

    So *I* can do it – the server couldn’t. I plan to try this again with TypePad and/or MT3 when I can get to it… they might have updated their modules!

  23. Hi

    Pocket SharpMT 2.6

    I like it (and I have made a donation because I can see you have worked hard on this – that deserves my thanks) but I am having a few problems. Please can I ask for some help, or just tell me where I am going wrong?

    How can I make the Pocket SharpMT 2.6 program open existing drafts? That menu option is shaded out and unavailable to me. I cannot tap on the draft itself to open it because that brings up a ‘no association with application’ message. Also I cannot get ctrl-c and ctrl-v to work – am I being stupid?

    I am using an iPaq hx2750 with 2003SE. Should be okay?

    Take care

    Kind regards

    Jonathan (UK)

  24. You can ask for help even without the donation, but many thanks for the help!

    As to Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V… those work on the emulator yet a lot of people have told me that it doesn’t work on the device. I don’t have access to PPC hardware anymore (my last iPaq has disappeared during a move and that was 2002) but I’m hoping to borrow a machine from a fellow Blogger. Having said that, even if I get the hardware, I have no idea why the Cut/Copy/Paste keys are getting trapped – there’s no short cut keys allowed in PPC so it’s not like I can add them.

    As to the association of .SMT files… that is odd. I believe it should have done this when you installed it – it should definately offer you an option to do it again if it failed… I’ll look into it and see if I can dig out the registry setting… you might have to add it by hand or with an REG file. I’ll see what I can find out with it.

  25. Hi, I use the pocket version – it’s fab. =)

    Just a note on the Copy & Paste not working. I use a Toshiba e805 and the c&p functions don’t work on it either. Since my pda has no keyboard, usually the only way I can copy and paste is either done via the menu or by “tap and hold” down on a selection.

    Normally in other applications like Notepad or file explorer, when you do “tap and hold”, a drop down menu comes on which gives you the option to Cut/Copy/Paste/other fancy functions etc.

    At the moment “tap and hold” works only like a tap – ie. puts the cursor on where you tapped rather than showing the menu.

    Hope it helps..

  26. Bit of an update on my “Open drafts” issue: I managed to connect the iPaq to the internet on a pass through with ActiveSync and successfully connected to Typepad. I was then able to open up the saved drafts, further edit them and post them to my weblog – excellent and it all worked perfectly. Perhaps I have misunderstood how it is supposed to work? Can you open a previously saved draft when you are offline and not connected to the weblog site?

    This is an excellent piece of software. I am really enjoying what it allows me to do. Thanks.

    Take care

    Kind regards


  27. @Ketsugi – Yes and no. The XML-RPC commands are the foundation of the MT/TypePad commands, but SixApart has added a number of additions to those commands and that’s what SharpMT supports… so the optimistic answer is “Maybe, but I don’t know – you’d have to try” and the cynical answer is “probably not, but I don’t know – you’d have to try”. I’m told #MT supports .Text, but I’ve never used it so I don’t know.

    @Johnathan: #MT was designed to be an offline writer: write and save drafts locally and post them as new when you’re connected to the ‘net. To that end, yes you can keep drafts saved (locally), edit them while on or offline and then post them when you’re connected. This is true of Pocket and desktop versions. An addition to the desktop version is that you can edit existing server based posts – this isn’t done on the Pocket version, for various reasons. Also, once a local draft is posted, if you decide to post it again a second copy will hit the server – if you want to edit an existing version, you’ll need the desktop version and open it via Blog Links.

    Lastly, the SMT files used on the Pocket version are 100% compatible with the Desktop version, so they can move between devices.

  28. It has now started to work. Suddenly, in a bit of an Outer Limits type moment, I was able to open previously saved drafts. All the menu items that had previously been greyed out (Open drafts, Post to server, in fact all of the Tools menu items) became selectable. I was well and truly off-line too. All very strange. It is still working after a quit and re-start (no reset (soft or hard) attempted yet though). The upshot of all this is that I appear to now have a fully functioning software package and I have absolutely no idea why.

    Take care.

    Jonathan (now iPodding with Bloc Party – they are coming to the US soon – go see)

  29. Three feature suggestions (just the thing you need, I know):

    1. It would be nice if #MT, if you click on a link in the Preview mode, used the “default” browser, rather than IE … nice, that is, for us Firefox users …

    2. Also, dunno if it’s possible, but it would be grand if the post process didn’t lock up the ap (I often have another post in mind, and waiting for the post cycle to complete is irksome). Since the editor is designed to handle multiple posts, that seems like a logical extension of functionality

    3. It would also be nice to be able to have a default save that would just go ahead and do it upon post. More than once I’ve clicked to post, clicked to a different window (since I have to wait, ahem, before continuing writing), and come back later only to find the “save as” window up, awaiting my input.

  30. I always welcome suggestions :)

    1) Um. Not likely… after all, I don’t like Firefox much (I gave it a whirl… it’s fast for loading but it makes some pages look like shit, so it’ll sit unused, there to be counted with the “whatever”-million downloads that they are so concerned about) and besides, I busted my ass to get a working in-app preview…

    2) Interesting notion… I mean the comm layer is threaded but I locked the UI to prevent any “problems”… and right now, the Whidbey version locks the entire UI. Not like “disable everything” I mean it *locks* the entire UI, and it’s threaded in a similar fashion – it’s something I can check into.

    3) That window only comes up the first time you have to Save. So if you Save a draft before posting – which will set the filename – it won’t prompt you for it again (meaning when you post, it WILL silently save a copy)…

  31. Randy:

    As a nontechie, I have started a blog on or They are using something called Atom API.

    My PDA is a Dell with WM2003SE.

    In setting up account, I have to enter Webserver: I assume that will be

    Where can I find the CGI-BIN Path?

    I searched but couldn’t find a link in the required format.

    Please help. I assume the same information will be required for the desktop version



  32. @Neil – I’m pretty certain that this won’t work with the Atom API: SharpMT is designed to work with the MT-specific version of an XML-RPC interface… and not having used Blogger or Blogspot, I’m really at a disadvantage to say what the CGI-BIN path would be. You might want to take a look for settings that w.Bloggar use and give them a try, but I’m pretty sure that it won’t work for you either way, as it’s a different API than what MT uses.

    But yes, the Desktop version works the same way – sorry!

  33. Randy: another question, sorry.

    Can I attach an image into a blog entry whilst off-line? At the minute when I browse for an image off-line I can select an image but as soon as I press “OK” P#MT gives me an “Error connecting to host” message, then reverts back to the blog entry screen but inserts an html string referencing the image source as being my blog http – http\ etc etc. When I next go on-line and post the entry to the Typepad server I get no images in the post – just little boxes with X in them.. Am I doing it right? Should be using another tool/menu option to do this?

    Kind regards


  34. Yes and no. You can use the Upload Image feature to insert image tags into the body of a draft, but it’s core functionality is that of “Upload Image”. So if you’re offline, the error box is normal and if you don’t upload it when you’re online, you won’t see it on the server – it doesn’t hold onto it like an attachment or queued batch job, so if you upload it a “second” time it will go that time… HTH!

  35. Blog software

    As I mostly use Windows at home and I don’t have access to Gnome Blog the updates to my blog have

    been slacking of but today I thought, there must be software like that for Windows aswell. A

    quick search at Google was all I needed. The third entry wa…

  36. I’ve started actively posting to two different blogs, and noticed a few things:

    1. It’s a bit of a pain to do it. Tools/Options/drop-down/click. Nice if there were a toolbar button to do it. Or doubleclick the blog name in the status bar. Or something.

    2. I keep losing the “Text Formatting” setting when I go back and forth (it doesn’t seem to be wholly consistent, but as soon as I don’t check, it loses it), going from Convert Line Breaks to None, which, obviously, causes formatting problems. Since both the blogs are set (in MT) for Convert Line Breaks, I’m not sure where #MT is losing it.

    Still love the ap, though. Good stuff, and my primary way of posting. And it’s a lifesaver during those times when my Net connection is unavailable.

  37. Well, this is why I don’t really recommend it for multi-Blog support… when I started working on it, I only ever had single blog support in mind. And when I took a whack at converting it to give better support for multiple blogs I ran into a wall. Drafts are saved locally with information that might be on one blog and not on another – that would lead to huge problems. Beyond that, switching between blogs while online aren’t so bad: categories and text filters are updated… Blog links could be changed to do that too. But what happenes when offline? Not only that, but what do you do with the draft defaults, where Text Formatting is a blog-related value? I know it’s a short coming of the app, but I haven’t really figured out a better way to work around it… even with a re-write it would have the same issues; I’d have to take out the added features that cause these issues and go from there, which I didn’t want to do.

  38. Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!! I think you have done an excellent job with your site. I will return in the near future.

  39. Content Management

    I’m currently looking in to another content management system, such as Drupal or phpNuke, as MT is seeming a bit limited now that I’m coming up with uses for the site. The final verdict as to what software I do…

  40. Randy,

    You had stopped by and replied to the trackback from stimulated. I’m currently upgrading sendmail so mail’s down at the moment but to answer your question about text filters, that’s a no. I’ve simply installed, configured the server information and used. No other customization.

    I’ll go play with it now to see if it’s still behaving that way with the new CSS I added earlier. If so, I’ll dig in and hopefully find the culprit.

    Thanks for checkin out the site and the quick response. More of a thanks for the app.

  41. Randy,

    I just tried again and it worked just fine. I’ll continue playing with it to see if it should happen again. If it does, I’ll send ya all of the details for debugging purposes.

    I can only assume it was CSS based, but I didn’t change the text-align or float attributes at all, so I’m baffled as to why it’d show up right justified.

    Anyway, all is good at the moment.

  42. SharpMT Test

    The author of SharpMT stopped by after seeing a trackback and asked about what was going on. So, this is a post directly from SharpMT so we can both see what’s going on. Edit: Seems to work fine now. Maybe…

  43. Ah, cool. I do know that there are times when the text filters get updated that they sometimes bounce to “None” since that’s the Draft Default setting… seems no matter how long I work with software I can’t even seem to anticipate what I’m downloading, so I default it to the “none” option :)

    Thanks for the trackback, BTW – I took it down to one :)

  44. SharpMT an awesome tool for movable type

    I was looking for an alternative to the basic editor in the movable type admin area. Before I used to just write my posts in word and copy them over and then just write the anchor tags by hand. I…

  45. hi randy,

    dunno if this is the right place to put it, but i get an error.

    Pocket SharpMT.exe


    I have used SharpMT before and love it. Its great. I have Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. Its got me stumped. Do I need to load the .Net stuff? I think I might try that. What do you think?




    Dialog_Main::Initialize Component+0x13e0




  46. Not a clue – 2003SE was supposed to include the .NET CF as part of the base image… maybe ya need a service pack? I don’t have any hardware for the Pocket version – I’ve always run off the simulator (and now the emulator that comes with VS2005) and I knwo it runs there…

  47. Hi Randy,

    Not a problem! I got a image of my PPC with Pocket Sharp-MT. Everything is working ggreat again, and I am a happy chappy. :)

  48. SharpMT Test

    The author of SharpMT stopped by after seeing a trackback and asked about what was going on. So, this is a post directly from SharpMT so we can both see what’s going on. Edit: Seems to work fine now. Maybe…

  49. Hi Randy,

    Excellent program and much needed. I have a problem connecting to my blog server though. Movable Type has been set up on a virtual host… the address is above. However, the cgi-bin path config option in Pocket SharpMT seems to require a / at the start. Since I assume that this is intended to set a path relative to the main webserver address… this does not work in this case. I have tried entering the RPC as a URL starting with http:// but a / is always entered in front of the http…

    Is there a workaround for this situation?


    ps we have Movable Type 3.15 and I am using Windows Mobile 5

  50. Hm. Well, the thing is that the path to the XMLRPC stuff HAS to be on the server so the path is always relative to the root. If it’s in the root then it would be just /mt-xmlrpc.cgi – for something more common like a bin directory it would be /bin/mt-xmlrpc.cgi

    The file needs to be somewhere, though, even if a virtual host is used. The host name only needs to be the host name, i.e. – the http:// isn’t required for that edit box. Lemme know if that helps or email me with the URL stuff… I’ll take a look.

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