The Apprentice: Episode 3.1

Cosmic irony: watching 18 people get shipped to New York City to work for Donald Trump in a… Burger King. Having applied for season two of the show – and not getting accepted [thankfully! after seeing the last episodes of season one I wanted no part of the job!] – I feel pretty warmed, since I could have nailed this first task. After all, I got a job at Burger King with only one interview and I didn’t even have my high school degree at the time. I wonder they have to code some C# for the next episode? Coulda been a dream season!

And good luck to Verna who works for a Seattle-based technology company – I particularly like the fact that she didn’t dive into the rah-rah stuff on this episode, but that’s just me…

2 thoughts on “The Apprentice: Episode 3.1”

  1. Haven’t watched the previous seasons, which is surprising considering how much reality tv I’ve watched, but I might follow this season. I think everyone was trying to overthink the who Burger King thing. How hard can it really be to get someone to buy a certain burger?!

  2. Honestly? It depends on the customers and NYC fast food eaters have got to be unique even within that group… the size of that pool is already smaller because NYC people are so damned health conscious when it comes to food – especially in MidTown. Then you have to figure that 1/2 the store was there b/c they wanted something particular – they won’t be swayed into something new. The other 1/2 are there b/c that’s the only place that they could get into – that’s the group that’s open to suggestion. Nevermind the debacle of little drummer boy and the hippie promotion on the sidewalk!

    The fact that they were understaffed up front is all it took to lose – having been there, you should always have every available register open, during the lunch rush and cut back btwn 2 and 4:30. Once you get customers’ money, you can make’m wait, but not before: get’m through the front line and all is good – in this case many hands make for light work.

    The other thing is that this task was specifically geared to the Net Worth team… Trump seems to have gotten “sheltered” college graduates that haven’t gotten their hands dirty on the way through school and non-college types that have been blue collar workers throughout: this task was all about blue collar and/or retail work.

    I worked at BK before college (and other misc retail jobs before and during my degrees) which makes me a blue college type or something… I would fit in better on the Net Worth team than I would on the Magna team – different experiences is all…

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