I didn’t know where to file it, frankly, but it’s a pity Renee Zellweger is now married… And to Kenny Chesney of all people? I guess it works. It’s funny cuz like you hear about Pitt and Jolie, a bunch of people are all “awww mannnn! S/he hooked up with someone?!” but for these two it most people give it a “huh?”. Like mere mortals would have a shot at Pitt or Jolie. At least with Chesney or Zellweger, frankly, they seem like normal people. In fact, I know that most of eastern Tennessee has to be reeling in shock from this… and a few people on Long Island are probably heart broken over Renee.

There might have been a point to this but three phone calls, four emails and two IM’s later, I seem to have misplaced it. Hah.

4 thoughts on “Renee’n’Kenny?”

  1. I told my wife that it seemed like a strange pairing but it made sense to her. “She’s from Texas,” she said. In my wife’s mind, the South is one big chunk of homogeneity and people from East Texas and East Tennessee aren’t much different.

    And, maybe in that respect, she’s right, but I see it as a marriage of a country boy and a Hollywood actress. Big difference there.

  2. Alright. Time for me to stop reading all of this dribble. Now you’re talking about Renee? Randy. Do I have to say it? Renee is a slut. Is that why she appeals to you men so much?

  3. Got me. I mean she’s dated Hollywood before so maybe she’s “done” that scene and has opted for someone in the Business but not of the Business. At least that’s been impression of Chesney in the news and stuffs. Bah.

    And, yes, Anna, there’s always room for dribble :)

  4. Kenny and Renee! The whole thing is a stupid pathetic lame “you had me from hello” I think I’m gonna be sick set up wedding joke. He’s “supposedly” in love but he hasn’t shown it yet or even mentioned it yet with that dumb freakin’ Jerry McGuire chicky character and ….I don’t know what she think she’s doing? I’ve heard she can’t make up her mind……most of the time… basically she just ruined a good thing playing on some innocent guy’s fantasy. Renee can go back to Texas and find her somethin’ else

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