AP News: Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools was declared unconstitutional Wednesday by a federal judge ruling in the second attempt by an atheist to have the pledge removed from classrooms. The man lost his previous battle before the U.S. Supreme Court — [Yes this is the same court case that was referenced here, in 2002.]

I thought I was in the bizzaro universe over the last couple of weeks – this simply confirms it. Either I’m in an alternate reality or I’m this week’s guest star on Sliders… either way, this isn’t really happening. La la la la! You can’t make me listen to the madness! As it is… I’m just in… awe. Yes, awe is the right word I think. Awed that this could ever happen. Awed that this took over three years to get settled. Awed that we haven’t revolved against the idiots and let natural selection take its course

If anyone is looking for me, I’ll be alone in the closet with a security blanket, sobbing.

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