SharpMT 3.2

Another highly recommended upgrade, with mostly bug fixes and new shortcuts.

Download SharpMT: EXE | MSI

View SharpMT FAQ: FAQ

Download: .NET Framework, version 2.0 (required to run SharpMT 3.2)

A few notes for this release:

Shortcut keys – back in SharpMT 2.x there were key shortcuts that were associated with the Custom Tags option. Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+0 used to make the tags fire, much like Ctrl+B does for bold and Ctrl+I does for italics. In fact, they never worked right: they used to show up in the menu as Ctrl+D1 for some reason. Anyway, I missed them so did some investigating and put them back into place. While I was in there, I decided to support the Plug-Ins which are Ctrl+Shift+1 to Ctrl+Shift_0… but since no one uses those, it’s sort of a moot point!

Tracing window clean up – another thing that has been bothering me since 3.0 has been the Tracing window. It’s been sort of obnoxious: pops up whenever it feels like it and it’s always irked me that the Close button was enabled… you could never close it since it was controlled via an Options check box but it was always on. Both should be taken care of: the Tracing window doesn’t pop up unless it’s called and the Close button is disabled.

Bug fixes – I noticed that you couldn’t Cut/Copy/Paste in the Keyboards text box; I dunno when that broke but I assume it was when I moved it off the Advanced tab. Anyway, it was caused by a typo – seems that “keyword” != “keywords” – and has been fixed. There was also an issue with the MRU menu: if a file wasn’t found, it would still create a tab for it and simply treat it as a new draft. I figure that broke somewhere along the way to 3.0. Now it tells you that the file couldn’t be found and removes the bad file name from the MRU (which is how I feel it should work).

It’s available for download now: EXE | MSI

Screenshots: One | Two | Three

2 thoughts on “SharpMT 3.2”

  1. I’ve started using SharpMT and want to write plugins for it. How can I contact you?

    I need a few changes to the plugin interface:

    1. Pass the currently selected text to the plugin when it is activated.

    2. Fix: When providing my own interface (using ExecuteString()) focus does not return correctly to the SharpMT editor.

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