Star Wars: I II III IV V VI

Looks like Cinemax is running all six episodes of Star Wars from end to end, starting on November 10th.

Not so much that they running it, but what I thought it’s neat how they’re advertising it: they did a really nifty montage of all six movies to Coldplay’s Fix You which is not a song that you’d usually think of when you think of the “Story of Anakin.”

Should be interesting, although I do have all six movies on DVD already…

7 thoughts on “Star Wars: I II III IV V VI”

  1. Original versions or those goofy ones? If they are the original I might have a reason to watch Cinemax other than trying to see boobies at 1 am.

  2. Goofy. At least that’s my guess – I *did* pick up the originals on DVD (again) though. I mean if I took the time to back up my VHS tapes to DVD… why not, right?

    Benefit of the West Coast: the eastern feed of Cinemax puts boobies on at 10pm :)

  3. I desided to show people about what my name means in english [UK english]… and as my surname is man, what do you get… I googled randy and your sight came on the first page. Not an easy achivement! I come page 9 I think for randee.

    Anyways nice site… and stuff.

    Cinimax, they have interesting effects but it gets old very quickly [especaly at their prices].

    So your Italian, do you no what randee/randy means in UK english? I bet you do, so koutoes.

  4. Thanks :)

    FWIW, I do. Same as it does in Australian. And further made popular by the three Austin Power movies.

    Kinda comical walking into a meeting with Intl business people and introducing yourself… I still m’Mum grief about that.

  5. When your name is acutaly Randee Mann… you would ordanarly eather get teezed till the age of 85 or get all the girls. But for me if anything its a talking point.

    Austin powers will indeed remain legend.

    So whats with this site anyways? Its not a free site by the looks of it. Looks like you have to actualy pay for haveing your own blog. Is it worth it?

  6. I found the commercial you were talking about.

    Reminded me of a great quote from the 40 year old virgin.

    “You know how I know your gay? You listen to Coldplay.”

  7. oO, that’s even better than just “Randy” on it’s own! As for the site, it’s not that expensive – cheap enough for me to have kept it running for years, anyway… just a place for me to dump URL’s, Rants, reviews, tech tips, and the like.

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