Rush Oddity

Has anyone else noticed that Rush seems to be all over the place lately?

It’s no secret that Rush takes the number one position on my list of favorite bands. Aren’t they Canadian? Yeah, they are, but I don’t hold it against them – like most non-American bands, when they sing they sound American. They don’t even say aboot.

What they do do, though, is play music unlike any other band I’ve ever seen. Peart is the best drummer I’ve ever seen in rock. Lee is the best bassist I’ve ever seen in rock. Lifeson is a good guitarist. Solid chops and attitude; the fact that he’s willing to share limelight with the entire band is a rare thing for guitarists. They’ve been doing it since 1974. They’re still together and they continue to reinvent themselves with each album. They’ve logged more than 30 years of recording, song writing, and touring.

What’s been odd is that they’ve been popping up all over the place lately. On Seattle radio which is really strange… be it rock or “Dude It’s The 80’s”, Rush never used to be showcased. On TV too, first on some VH1’s channel – again, Rush never got played there, even for themed shows – and on INHD. Also heard their name in mention of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – I find it hard to believe that they aren’t in there yet, but ah well. In my experience, bands that have the ability to change their sound over the years are often questioned by fans.

For example, when first started listening to Rush I was in a hard rock/art rock phase. I picked up a disc from 1981. This was the tricky part: after every live album, Rush changed… from 1974-1976 they were all about hard rock. 77-81 was still rock but the songs took on more of a story telling style. True, 2112 in 1976 was a 20 minute song, but on the four albums after that, there was often just one multi-part song. Art rock, is how I look at it. 1982-1989 brought an FM rock kick and videos with like 80’s hair and stuff. Lotta synthesizers. 1990-1996 brought alternative rock. 1996-2006 brought one new album, three compilations, three live albums/DVD’s, and one cover disc. They’ve grown over the years… easy for casual fans to pick one era to like – rabid fans like the entire lot.

What does it mean? Nothing, really. Like this is the first post that went no where. Fact is that I find it odd to see them popping up all over the place lately… just not used to it.

Well that and the fact that these three 50+ year old guys can play better than I ever will – that’s just annoying and on many levels.

8 thoughts on “Rush Oddity”

  1. Nope, hadn’t noticed. In fact, I was (really) thinking the other day “geez, whatever happened to Rush. Did they die?”

    No matter, they blow. :p

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