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Axiotron: First Tablet Mac Solution to be Unveiled at Macworld by Axiotron and OWC […] The ModBook is a high-end slate-style notebook computer solution, which was designed in California by Axiotron’s team of German and American engineers and will be available in the U.S. through an exclusive joint-venture arrangement between Axiotron and Other World Computing.

Interesting product… not because it’s an OSX based tablet – I type faster than I write – but the question is what does Apple do? After all, you legally can’t run OSX on any hardware except for Apple-made hardware. Doesn’t that make this entire product “illegal”? Or does this mean that Apple is going to allow OSX to run on any hardware, announcing it at Macworld this year?

I’m betting Apple sues before the end of the month.

One thought on “Non-Apple Mac Tablet”

  1. According to Axiotron:

    Modified MacBook�

    Standard MacBook converted into a tablet computer.

    They take a MocBook and convert it.

    Still running on Apple hardware, but it voids the warranty!

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