What Would You Do?

Say you were standing behind a younger woman[1] while in a long line at a coffee shop and you noticed a nickel-sized hole in the back of her jeans, up in the corner where the back pocket is sewn. A skin colored hole – meaning that she was either wearing high rise underwear or most likely a thong – in her work clothes.

Would you say something? Should you say something? She’s was on her way to her job – does that factor in? I just ignored it…

[1] Yes, pointing out “younger woman” is key to the argument. Man, of any age? Wouldn’t care and certainly wouldn’t be embarrassed 99% of the time. Older woman? Thicker skin, IMHO. Younger woman? That spot would have turned red from the blush. Unless she knew about it already and didn’t care, in which case the whole question is moot.

4 thoughts on “What Would You Do?”

  1. If you had pointed it out, she probably would have thought you were a perv, even though you were trying to be helpful.

  2. That’s what I figured, which is why I didn’t say a word.

    However, what if a woman said it to a woman? Cuz then that’s like saying that I’m not being thought of in the best light just because I have a penis. Which is discrimination, frankly. Unless she would have thought a gay woman making the same helpful tip was a perv as well.

    Meh. What a mess.

  3. See, here’s the point: .

    And here’s you wayyyyyy over there —->

    Completely missing the point. Unless of course you’re saying that you ARE a perv and that’s your take on it. Which is fine, of course – you’d simply look at her ass and call it fine, not saying a word.

    Baka no hentai!

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