Sakura-Con: Saturday Afternoon

OK, now I’m po’. Not destitute but the freakin expo center put a huge dent in my fun fund. Although, I did end up working a booth for a while. Yeah, I know, it sounds odd to me too, but I was wandering the lobby, some hot cosplay chick was holding a “Help Wanted” sign, I didn’t have anything pressing at that moment, they told me they’d pay me in merchandice, I swooned and spent 3 hours selling manga and anime to customers. Was actually pretty freakin’ fun, for the first stab at working retail in over a decade. Especially since the entire [humans in cosplay as the] cast of Bleach walked by at one point…

Funny thing: there were two perfect adaptations: one was Yachiru who even had the red blushed checks done and another woman as Orihime who, um, well, I don’t think she was at all padded. ^.-

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