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Sakura-Con: Saturday Afternoon

OK, now I’m po’. Not destitute but the freakin expo center put a huge dent in my fun fund. Although, I did end up working a booth for a while. Yeah, I know, it sounds odd to me too, but I was wandering the lobby, some hot cosplay chick was holding a “Help Wanted” sign, I didn’t have anything pressing at that moment, they told me they’d pay me in merchandice, I swooned and spent 3 hours selling manga and anime to customers. Was actually pretty freakin’ fun, for the first stab at working retail in over a decade. Especially since the entire [humans in cosplay as the] cast of Bleach walked by at one point…

Funny thing: there were two perfect adaptations: one was Yachiru who even had the red blushed checks done and another woman as Orihime who, um, well, I don’t think she was at all padded. ^.-


Sakura-Con 2007 is going on this weekend… and yes, I finally gave in and bought a three day pass. Now the question is whether or not I actually get off my ass and go.

Go be a fan boy and try to pay homage to Fred, Hawk, or Chris? Maybe. It’d throw in the Rooster Teeth or Errant Story crew, but I don’t think they’ll be there. Hell I don’t know who’s going to be there.

I do know one thing: if I see even one 350 pound man that’s furry from facial hair that dressed like Sailor Moon and that will be it. Decades of therapy. Endless nightmares. I’ll have to wax my head or something.

Maybe I should rethink my plans this weekend…