I’m officially boycotting the EU.

If I want to experience the UK, I’ll eat a crumpet and go to Australia. Need the green of Ireland? I live in the Evergreen State – I’ll play golf and have a mint shake from McDonald’s next March. If I want to experience Germany, I’ll go drink beer in Canada. If I want to experience Italy, I’ll swing by New York or [one of the three hotels in] Vegas. Spain? Go to Mexico. Portugal? Visit Brazil. France? I’ll act snooty and superior for half an hour and then kick my self in the nuts until I bleed out of my mouth.

Dumbest freakin’ thing ever. I demand to see OSX N, Linux N, and OS/2 Warp 4 N… if Windows can’t ship with a media player, neither should any other OS. I have WMP on my machine right now but I don’t use it. I have four different media players on my machines. How does having WMP installed prevent me from using another player? It doesn’t.

Further, I love how no European judge considered that market share dropped off because of the dip in a certain media player’s quality… there was a point there when the installer crashed for feck’s sake.


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