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No, You Really DO Have a Meeting in Building 7

An end of an era is at hand: I decided to sight see at the newly built – and partially complete – main Microsoft campus in Redmond today and quickly deduced that the new buildings are going to follow the “tradition” of main campus and being identified by number, starting [again] with Building 1. Which of course leads to the obvious breaking of tradition:

Building 7 is now a real building.

Unless there’s a pool up on that rooftop, it suddenly feels like we’re living in an episode of Sliders or something.

For context, see this post from 2006: You Have a Meeting in Building 7.

Side node: I’m still honored that when you search for Microsoft Building 7, this 17-year-old link is still in the top 10-20 results.

Seriously: honored.

Windows Phone 7 Series

After having seen the videos today of the Windows phone 7 Series prototype device, it brings me back to a device that’s already in my pocket: the Zune HD. Same layout, same font, same “I want to go here so I’ll click there” UX flow… it works very, very well as a media device. Looks like it might work well as phone, but I guess we have to wait until Holiday 2010 for that… at least I know I’ll be too busy to notice the time pass, what will all the Xbox stuff going on!

If you want an early preview of the Windows phone 7 Series [music/video] UX will likely feel like go get a Zune HD and play around with it.

Running Forward; Looking Back

Sort of sounds like “don’t run with scissors” doesn’t it?

A bunch of milestones game and went over the weekend, without so much as a letter typed on the blog… been in WA for five years this past Thursday. Been at Microsoft for five years, as of yesterday. That’s what the crystal picture here is – they give a blue one for employees that have been here for five years. Green for 10, red for 15, 20 gets you orange, and 25 gets you all four colors on a crystal that is bigger than your head. This one is about 7″ tall – consider that, when compared to the others – and it becomes very, very shiny to Geek eyes.

So why no nostalgia writing? I was busy over the weekend, spending time with Jolene, checking out the Woodlawn Zoo for the first time, running down south to pick up a new car on Friday, getting rid of a dead TV, tackling a Rip-n-Tear sale at REI, popping up to Lynnwood for a quick mall visit, watching a movie and a half, testing some Xbox stuff at home, battling a nasty headache from muscle tension, buying a new netbook at Costco (which may not survive the review process,) picking up some roses at QFC, attempting to find parking on Broadway to swill some coffee – twice without success! – and stopping at the Pro Club for a dip in the spa… yeah, I was busy. And it’s good.

That’s why there was no nostalgia: how can you look back when you’re living forward at full speed?


I’m officially boycotting the EU.

If I want to experience the UK, I’ll eat a crumpet and go to Australia. Need the green of Ireland? I live in the Evergreen State – I’ll play golf and have a mint shake from McDonald’s next March. If I want to experience Germany, I’ll go drink beer in Canada. If I want to experience Italy, I’ll swing by New York or [one of the three hotels in] Vegas. Spain? Go to Mexico. Portugal? Visit Brazil. France? I’ll act snooty and superior for half an hour and then kick my self in the nuts until I bleed out of my mouth.

Dumbest freakin’ thing ever. I demand to see OSX N, Linux N, and OS/2 Warp 4 N… if Windows can’t ship with a media player, neither should any other OS. I have WMP on my machine right now but I don’t use it. I have four different media players on my machines. How does having WMP installed prevent me from using another player? It doesn’t.

Further, I love how no European judge considered that market share dropped off because of the dip in a certain media player’s quality… there was a point there when the installer crashed for feck’s sake.


Well Said – Microsoft vs Google

NetCrucible: This is a really bad article. The article asserts two falsehoods: one, that Microsoft is afraid of Google; and two, that Microsoft will win by being a relentless tortoise and copying features. Let’s talk about the “copying” theory first. Five years ago, Bill Gates shook up the industry by announcing a dual-pronged strategy — all productivity apps seamlessly integrated into the universal canvas of the web, and the “web as a platform”. This wasn’t vapor, this was what I used every day.

I personally like the comment of “take [MSN] Messenger, which has been shipping new releases three times a year. Google just shipped their first version. Please don’t say we pre-emptively copied Google.”

Good post.

Microsoft Moment: Early Morning

On my drive into work every morning I pass our athletic fields. I usually give them a glance, to see if there’s any activity on them: games, practices, tents, parties, etc… Most mornings – since it’s before most of the campus is out of bed – there’s nothing much going on, aside from a lone tent occasionall [means a ship party has happened/will be happening]. This morning, however, there was just one guy with a set of bag pipes, pointing northward.

The only thing odder than seeing this is that I didn’t think it was odd at all: life on campus is kinda like that.

Only @ Microsoft

I’ve been playing foosball for a long while now. I picked it up while I was working for Symantec; since then, whenever I join a new company, I always lobby to have a table brought in for “in house” entertainment value. Besides, most people like to play it and it’s relatively inexpensive (as far as gaming tables go). Interestingly, Building 5 already had a foosball table in the 2nd floor “lobby”, where people can play during lunch and after 5pm – why the time limits? The table – and the players – make a good deal of noise that used to carry to a near by conference room, so most people only play after 5. What’s so strange or unique about this?
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Blogging the World Over

While a lot of companies are censoring their employees about company matters and warning them to keep their mouths closed – or at least ordering them not to Blog about things – Microsoft has swung in the other direction. They’ve got a number different technical sites running all over the place with “inside views” of technology just breaking to the scene but they’ve got two newer sites that haven’t seen anywhere else, at least in Blog format. They are Technical Careers @ Microsoft and Marketing @ Microsoft – want some insight into who they’re looking to hire to work out in Redmond? Go check them out, right now.