My v2 iPhone Buying Experience – Updated

Got one after all.

Started with a trip to Bellevue Square, who I knew were outta stock at hope, to see if they were expecting any shipments. That lead to a Veinte Dark Mocha from Tully’s and some quality time with a nearly finished book. After I finished the book – and the coffee – I gave the store at University Village a call, just on a whim. They had a handful of 8GB models in stock… since I had an 8GB model already, I figured “Score!”

Before I hung up, I asked him if he had the obligatory mob scene in front of the store and if they had enough to appease the mob. He wasn’t sure. So I hopped on 405 and headed toward 520. Just as I got to the exit, a big flashing sign hovered over the highway saying “520 Bridge Closed Due To Boat Traffic”. I drove past the exit.

On a second whim, I called the Alderwood Mall store up in Lynnwood. They had just gotten a shipment wheeled in the back door. Shot up to their store: was 4th in line, got a new phone, went through a lengthy but painless activation process, and finished the purchase in under 30 minutes. What was more interesting was watching my phone number move from my v1 T-Mobile iPhone to the v2 at&t iPhone within 15 minutes after leaving the store. Having worked in the mobile industry before I’m still in shock that something like that is even possible, much less that effortless and quick. It’s scary good.

The only downside of the whole thing was having to go back to Bellevue to get a stick-on anti-glare plastic thingy: if the v1 model was a fingerprint magnet, the v2 model actively makes it’s own prints and covers itself with them. That and I miss my dual docking station – I noticed Apple has a dock for the phone so I’m hoping that they get on with having one that charges the Bluetooth headset as well.

Must. Accessorize.

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