Not Alone

This isn’t the first blog post that you’ll see with a “Whoa, where did February go?” and probably won’t be the last. I just noticed two things today: a) there’s new Apple hardware that’s been released and b) I haven’t posted in well over a week. Some random observations:

– I have way too many inclosures for backing up data for someone that doesn’t back up data too often

– A busy work life can make for a lack of blog posts

– With new iMac’s having been released, is there a way to turn off the monitor and still be able to use VNC?

– Why does Apple tease me by putting in Shuffle By Album support into the iPhone and then hide it from the UI a la Emoji? And then when someone actually discovers this, why was it replaced by the Genius Playlist that I’ve yet to find anyone using? Meh.

– The Watchmen is going to be The Hit of the first half of 2009, which is interesting. I expect the hardcore fans that have waited over 20 years for this movie to be confused by the reception; I only read it in the last few years so I didn’t have to wait long. I also expect the mass populous to be confused because they won’t “get” the movie but will love it because they were told to… I can’t imagine trying to follow the story without having read the book…

Live Mesh continues to thrill me in its ability and simplicity; I’ve often thought about coding Client/Server apps in the days before Terminal Services and how painful it was… and how easy it is to take RDC for granted now a days. Mesh has had this same effect on me. No matter which machine I go to, I have access to certain files and I now expect them to be there and up to date at all times. Simply brilliant.

– Halo Wars popped out the door today. Having played the Alpha, the Beta, and the Demo, I know I suck horrifically bad. We got our copies last night and I’ve been too shamed to try the RTM bits so far… *sniffle*

– Halo 3 recently logged it’s one billionth online game which equated to about 64,000 years of online play. Cheers to Bungie!

Wonder how fast March will scoot by… and how many games of Halo 3 I’ll be contributing to that ongoing total.

3 thoughts on “Not Alone”

  1. I bought a new mac mini. Just get that, makes a great home server (though, I got mine for the theater for the nvidia chipset).

    As for enclosures, just get a Time Capsule. This way, you replace all of the enclosures and wireless routers with a single unit that has 1TB.

  2. Still got the old Mac mini – replaced it with the MacBook but it hasn’t left yet.

    Time Capsule is a good NAS to way overpriced – I don’t need the shiny white case that bad and don’t have a need for the dual network. Besides, I’ve got 1TB in one enclosure alone – the rest are in various sizes and doing various things… one of which could be set up as a Time Machine drive but the MacBook is unhappy with it (and without an error code – just doesn’t accept it.) Also holding on to another enclosure for something I can’t get into right now… :)

  3. I hear ya – and agree, it’s overpriced. But, I do like the fact that everything is integrated into a single box. Less power draw, less shelf space, less noise, etc.

    Simplify! Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!

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